Best Omegle conversation I have ever had. Granted it doesn't end well at all (Since I just wanted to go to sleep) it was certainly fun typing up.. Ital, omegle  omegle
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Best Omegle conversation I have ever had

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Best Omegle conversation I have ever had. Granted it doesn't end well at all (Since I just wanted to go to sleep) it was certainly fun typing up.. Ital, omegle

Granted it doesn't end well at all (Since I just wanted to go to sleep) it was certainly fun typing up.

Tags: omegle
Ital, omegle Talk to strangers!
You' re chatting with a random stranger on Omegle!
You: Hey
Stranger: whats sex '?
You: YDL! misspelled Sax. Which is short for
Saxophone. That is a musical instrument
Stranger: no sex , mom talks about how good it
You: You must' misheard. She meant sax. She
probably likes playing the saxophone
Stranger: my mom doesn' tbh
Stranger: have a saxophone I
You: That' s what she wants you to think. She probably
plays it while your at school
Stranger: i' looked thro her room , she doesn' t have
You: She' s definately hiding it. Have you Ipoke
Stranger: yeah, we only live in a little shack , trust me,
we sleep in the same room
You: You never know. Maybe theres a secret
basement you are not aware of that is concealing the
Stranger: she dies
Stranger: she doesn' t play in a band
You: Doesn' t mean she can' tjust play it
Stranger: were to peurto buy those expensive things
Stranger: and theres no renting store around here
You: She sold card and bought the
Stranger: access card .... whats that,
You: Food stamps
Stranger: we don' t have food ... i live off rice and farmer
You: You just contradicted yourself. You just said you
didn' t have food but CLEARLY you do
Stranger: whats contradicted '?
You: You say one thing but is the truth
Stranger: oh , well you know what i mean
You: No I legitimately don' t. Like I REALLY Don' t
Stranger: what the fuck ever I!!!!! It
Stranger: Whats fuck, my mommy says it
You: She means duck. And you should know what a
duck is
You: Do you know what a duck is?
Stranger: i think they quack
Stranger: but i am sure mommy says fuck,,, with a f
You: I think you just have a hearing problem man
Stranger: but mommy says you fuck while sex happens
You: She means you suck in air while you play sax
Stranger: no mommy says she sucks dicks not air
when this happens i have to go outside
You: You must mean she sucks picks. I guess your
mom is just musically talented and plays guitar's and
doesn' t want your ears to hurt since she' s playing
heavy stuff
Stranger: i like you your my friend, you the only person
that thinks mommy is talented, othe then what other
people say about her
You: What do others say about her'?
Stranger: when she is at het job at the comer
You: Ah, so she' s a minstrel is she! Good for her!
Stranger: they say she is slutty, but what is slutty and
what is a minstrel
You: Slutty means she can just blow a lot, which is
good for her saxophone playing.. A minstrel is someone
who sings to others
Stranger: ohh, happens to all the boys she brings
Stranger: are they a partook her band?
You: No, they just appreciated her music so much they
wanted to follow her home
Stranger: but why do i have to go outside and what
instrament is the moaning
You: She doesn' t want you interrupting them
and that' s the Sax, she' s just really good
with it
Stranger: how old are you '? you know a lot about
You: I' m 15 my man, but I' m a bit of an encyclopedia
when it comes to this stuff
Stranger: encyclopedia
Stranger: '?
You: It' s a book with a lot of stuff in it. For example, you
can find out stuff about saxophones and guitars
Stranger: oh really , cool 3
You: I know right It
Stranger: my mommys b
Stranger: my mommy wants to talk to you now, i told
forthat you were mally, nickie
You: Ah alright
Stranger: was
Stranger: my boy bugging you '?
You: Nah he wasn' t. He' s a sweet lad, and now he
knows a lot more about guitars and saxophones (I
covered for you don' t worry)
You: I heard you are a great Sax played?
You: I
Stranger: thanks :) hes into a lot of my buisness, and i
don' t play the sax
You: And by sax I mean sex. And by that I mean
apparently you are quite the slut and he kept asking
me stuff. Enjoy your stargate level vagina.
Good troll buddy, was tian)
You have disconnected.
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win..... so much..... win.....