Here Comes The Tears. Here is the link to the scene from Dumbo. Me and my causin watching a movie, and is h dem tears
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Here Comes The Tears

Tags: dem | tears
Me and my causin watching a movie,
and is his first time seeing Dumbo
While watching I thaught myself
why I haven' t seen this in years
C) (Cli) N Cheslie f
All cf the sudden it came
back me why I haven' t
watched this in ferever
Mcman sings "Baby Mine" while Dumbo visits his mather
Eath me and my causin cried fer
ever five minutes after that tear
jerking scene. Tc this day it
still makes me cry like a baby.
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User avatar #2 - hhhghhg
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(07/04/2012) [-]
also, the really trippy scene, you know what i mean
#1 - rappinboutsnacks
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(07/04/2012) [-]
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