Pondering On Omegle. An awesome conversation on Omegle. Check tags.. Ital omegle Talk to strangers, You' re chatting with a random stranger on Omeglol Question
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Pondering On Omegle

An awesome conversation on Omegle.

Check tags.

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Ital omegle Talk to strangers,
You' re chatting with a random stranger on Omeglol
Question to discuss:
Evaluate the possibility that your' s is the
only mind that exists.
Yuu: And everyone else is computers.
Stranger: my head just ******* exploded
Stranger: god damn thats a good one
You: Yup.
Stranger: dumbfounded right now
You: What if everyone is a computer?
You: They created themselves.
You: And are here to make you not alone.
You: That' s an impossible question,
You: What if you are in a coma, and this is all a dream?
Stranger: it has virtually limitless answers
You: Exactly, and you will never know for sure.
You: What if this is a hyperrealistic dream?
Stranger: i have genuinely thought about that
You: we too.
You: I think about it a lot.
Stranger: and i blacked out in thought fora few hours
You: I also think about what our purpose is.
You: Again, an impossible question.
You: We will never know what our purpose here is, or
at least not fora while.
Stranger: i think ijust discovered the meaning to
human existence as we know it
You: What do you think it is?
Stranger: to find the answers to all of these impossible
You: I think that we are an experiment for a much more
intelligent life fonn.
You: "What happens if we put intelligent life on a
Stranger: my head is on tim right now thinking about all
of these things
You: What if religion was just invented to make us feel
like we hav a purpose'?
You: "have
Stranger: but see, thats the thing, we do have a
You: What is it?
You: The questions?
Stranger: exactly
You: So many questions...
You: What happens when we find the answers?
Stranger: what if your experiment theory is right and
the entire purpose of it was for us to propose these
questions and . And as soon as we do the
greater being wipes us out and starts a new with more
creatures to see if they do it faster
Stranger: and without as many hindrances
You: And just keeps going until they have a perfect
Stranger: yes
You: "Evolution" is just updates.
Stranger: i' m virtually speechless
You: It' s a lot to think about.
You: We have technology to advance at super speed,
but we don' t because we are afraid of what would
Stranger: with this conversation in mind i can see why
You: Yeah.
Stranger: but these sound like the mad ramblings of an
ages old philosopher eons beyond his peers
You: What if people that go crazy are the ones who
have found the answer?
You: But then, they are corrupted so they can' t give it to
others, and even if they did, nobody would believe
Stranger: i' m beyond words
Stranger: i can' t even begin to describe what
thinking right now
You: Hah, I have these thoughts constantly.
Stranger: this entire conversation has been eye
opening to say the least
You: You never know what' s out there.
You: "Aliens" are just the more intelligent species that
is checking on things.
Stranger: spy, if you are still here, i want to thank you
for even having the opportunity to discuss this
You: Yup, this time the questionnaires got way more
than he bargained for.
Stranger: first time ive actually had an intelligent
conversation on here
You: we too, actually.
You: Barely anyone here is intelligent.
Stranger: its a fact
You: Yup. It' s funny, there are so many things out there
that we don' t know.
Stranger: And yet some people have the ignorance to
say that some form of life does not ,and cant for that
matter, exist
You: I know.
You: There is no way that we are alone in this vast
expanse of space.
Stranger: its like we' re on the same wavelength here.
this is almost ridiculous
You: , back to the robot thing...
You: Same wavelength.
You: Thinking the same.
You: What if there are two (or only a very few amount
people who actually have brains/ are human, and
our to be here is to find the other one( s},
betterthan being here to find the answer's questions?
You: And as time progresses, with us not finding the
other people, more "People" flyod the earth?
You: To make it harder.
Stranger: i marvel at all of these possibilities
You: So many out there.
You: Well, goodbye for now, I guess. Nice talking with
you and pondering everything.
Stranger: same, most intelligent person ive met on here
Stranger: thank you
You: You' re welcome, and thank you also.
Stranger: goodbye for now. may our paths cross again
You: Hopefully.
Stranger: indeed
You have disconnected.
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Submitted: 07/03/2012
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#1 - udo (07/03/2012) [-]
I have the brain capability of a 						*******					 bowl of cereal, so in all honesty I didn't understand a 						*******					 word that any of them said.
I have the brain capability of a ******* bowl of cereal, so in all honesty I didn't understand a ******* word that any of them said.
User avatar #2 - mikefj (07/03/2012) [-]
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