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User avatar #1653 - laxener
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(06/29/2012) [-]
Actually the Japanese brought the Hiroshima to themselves. It was actually because Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, thinking they won, but they weren't able to destroy the main targets they wanted and within months americans recovered and really the japanese dragged themselves into this. They thought USA would be a problem near the coast of east-asia, but really USA didn't give a **** what Japan wanted to do, it's their own fault they attacked Pearl Harbor, which really turned out to be a disaster for Japan.
User avatar #1677 to #1653 - eight
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(06/29/2012) [-]
You do realize that we knew about the attack on Pearl Harbor and let it happen so we could get into the war. All of those lost lives did not have to die but our selfish Government let it happen for their own needs. Japan would have still attacked, but an empty military base. So in a sense, the American government at that time was responsible for both the deaths at PH and for any lost life of the Japanese after the fact. Japan definitely was in the wrong, but this is America, we should be better than schemes and plots and sacrifice. If you would like links to prove my argument, I will gladly supply you with a few.
User avatar #1681 to #1677 - timmywankenobi
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(06/29/2012) [-]
Finally a educated soul ,it was getting lonely out here.