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#9 - kilroyxx (06/27/2012) [-]
I'm British and I'm yet to meet anyone who speaks like this.
I'm British and I'm yet to meet anyone who speaks like this.
User avatar #807 to #9 - kilroyxx (06/28/2012) [-]
Bloody hell, I come back from a day out, to find all this! I don't know what to say.
#495 to #9 - socratic (06/28/2012) [-]
I  am american and I look like this.
I am american and I look like this.
#416 to #9 - wiredguy (06/28/2012) [-]
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Really. I do. It's somewhat alienating really :\
#193 to #9 - ilgattozaiga (06/27/2012) [-]
For real, innit bruv.
#184 to #9 - silverlance (06/27/2012) [-]
Stephen Fry isn't far off
#73 to #9 - madeitforthemusic (06/27/2012) [-]
What do British people think Americans talk like?
#166 to #73 - whistleandrun ONLINE (06/27/2012) [-]
User avatar #13 to #9 - melovecookies (06/27/2012) [-]
#10 to #9 - drblue (06/27/2012) [-]
Well we Americans ought to have our laughs too!
#588 to #10 - dreamthrow (06/28/2012) [-]
One day, I was operating my motorized rollingham along the cobble-stone-clippity-clop to reach my favorite deli. I noticed that my motorized rollingham was having trouble rickedy-popping so I pondered "I must be gentle if I'm to reach the deli and order my favourite breaddystack." After I (pardon the informality) ate my meal I returned to my dwelling quarters. As I rotated the twisting plankhandle of my door, I was flabbergasted that there was a negro of large stature putting a rooty tooty point-n-shooty in the general direction of my visage. He had my wife strapped to a chair with a few electro-ropes and was about to engage in forcy fun time with her. I shouted for the constable but the negro speared me with a pip-pop-gollywock. He then forced me to get on my wunderbahbox and use my hoighty toighty tippy typer to disclose my finance information. After I fulfilled that task, he discharged his rooty-tooty-point-n-shooty into my ceiling bright. He was on his way out of the entrance, but a merry fizzlebomb celebration just started. He was so startled by clamor that he shat himself so forcefully that he breathed his last breath and passed on.
My wife and I were saved by these "fireworks"
#283 to #10 - doctorrock (06/27/2012) [-]
>mfw was in very successful TV using an American accent
User avatar #320 to #283 - somepervert (06/27/2012) [-]
You accidently your sentence
#246 to #10 - thexend (06/27/2012) [-]
You had me at "rooty tooty point-n-shooty"
User avatar #632 to #246 - squeaknique (06/28/2012) [-]
Forcey-Fun-Time made me splity-splatty my tea....
#212 to #10 - finalfaptasy has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #178 to #10 - nogphille ONLINE (06/27/2012) [-]
electro rope... nice
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