This 11 year old girl.... saw it on fb, don't think its a repost. If its a repost post link to orginal content in the comments and i'll delete this. saw should  justin Beiber sperm
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This 11 year old girl...

saw it on fb, don't think its a repost. If its a repost post link to orginal content in the comments and i'll delete this

saw should be deported hackle atyha nastan_ my family doesn' t feel Muslims aren' t allowed to be Beliebers, honestly Justin doesn' t want
sale with him being here honestly. terrorists In nls tartjesse.
HS detaler Vis cletus,' er
plasticbieber " -in
my grandma called a spoiled brat once. Fm glad she dll I blame @ for 9: 11
died of a heart attack. that' s what she gets tor Being a hater ‘.1 "ins detaler
tutorials" -:f%: ' rer 15“ artier' t I omen my teeth, I pretend the its Justin' s Sperm "
a Twilight is better than the Duran. we cleanlier
sier -at
pie stashie her ".i. Firsti, fleecier RIP Michael Jackson - Thanh Gad he died- At least new Justin is sate
a it Justin had aids, honestly I' d still have unprotected sex with him. it' s from being molested-
the it my mom wail dying in the , but WEE having a it E
greet across the street, I would honestly go to the meet a greet
plastick: iel: er T, Plaatje. Bieber instead
only ugly gins with low selfesteem listen to (alone Direction in
sf% .; 1'“ one time naught my little sister watching a one emotion on MY
why are ya“ M f hope I make you Cry reading computer. so i beat her 8 year old BSS! ' s what SHE .
this! little Mth.. l 'rits d. iis. girlier
plasticbieber .' in l
a was gems: should be dying of cancer. not . at least c. as jun
is a good person and not a magican. I have sexual thoughts about Justin when I' m in church. it' s like God
we clamor sends him to me.
a just because no 11 doesn' t mean ccan' t tweet sexual thingsi I' m " " r "/. . r at jun
mature for my age and you guys can just go **** off! senor sly, i think @ should win the #goldener: set and
he your (ELLE. that' d he Panda cute actually lei
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Submitted: 06/26/2012
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#1 - seelcudoom has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #3 - metalguitarest (06/26/2012) [-]
Bad troll 0/10
#2 - kdiddlid (06/26/2012) [-]
**kdiddlid rolls 2**   
also, singles.
**kdiddlid rolls 2**
also, singles.
#4 - milkandboners (06/26/2012) [-]
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