Facebook on Video Games. I don't know what they're talking about I thought Team Recon 2: Rainbow Protocol was the best shooter that Valve produced.. Why do peop
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Facebook on Video Games

I don't know what they're talking about I thought Team Recon 2: Rainbow Protocol was the best shooter that Valve produced.

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Why do people call Closser a dragon?
Do these people pay attention to anything?
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Dunning Hes a hope. .-.
By God.
37 minutes ago . Like . , I
is the hero of Hyrule duh, He want back in time to help Samus Aren and Fox Mccloud
a reclaim Rapture For the Empire,
37 minutes ago . Like . , 2
Eyes White Dragon is my favorite Digimon that Ash uses,
36 minutes ago , Like , , I
E. , favorite is Link hes the Race car driver Gotham deserves
33 minutes ago . Like . , I
Erin [Jude Sonic The Bear in Minecraft is the best.
L' 30 minutes ago . Like
are you talking about? Snake from Call of Duty: Bad Company could kick his ass
28 minutes ago . Like
I. Delta from Metroid is the boss
23 minutes ago . Like
Pa klam_ Inude.. Cloud From Phantasy Sim Deline For the Sega Famicom would smoke them all at
Dance Dance', Super Mortal Kombat 3, Don' t you guys know anything?
21 minutes ago . Like
a I-' eatt_ What about Super Street Fighter Bros 77 Dr king of Persona q 137
23 minutes ago . Like . , I
In ; : ret of Chrono Trigger: Advanced Wars?
22 minutes ago . Like
Shin Megami Fantasy 3: Snake' s Revenge is my favorite game.
22 minutes ago . Like . , I
Pa kaur: really liked Gran Turismo: San Andreas.
22 minutes ago . Like
in existence
21 minutes ago . Like
tdf Empires: Return of the king. By far the best game Naughty Dog and Ror: have
ever done.
20 minutes ago . Edited . Like
Mattered or Alive Redemption: The Aith Day is one of the best sandbox turn based FPS Raceing games
Shinjiro wish they' d make a sequel to Deus Ex: Catherine vs Zombies,
19 minutes ago , Like
Lilllie Pa khan “Dr Resident Evil: Parasite Dino Crisis, That would be boss.
2 Is minutes ago . Like
Crash Cooper and The Majoras Mask was a good one by Treyarch.
eti ago - Like
I wish Ubisoft would remake Dragon' s Duty ', kingdom of the Ultimate Alliance.
16 minutes ago . Like . , I
Pa , but Treyarch makes ****** racing games.
16 minutes ago . Like
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Submitted: 06/25/2012
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*roll image*
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**mynameislego rolled a random image posted in comment #6247982 at FJ Pony Thread ** mfw anon ruins first comment
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