Let the butthurt flow through you. this kid thinks he's a troll by saying stupid ...the whole internet is going to . Ital, omegle Talk to stranger's You' re cha omegle wannabe faggot hipster Loser

Let the butthurt flow through you

this kid thinks he's a troll by saying stupid **** ...the whole internet is going to ****

Ital, omegle Talk to stranger's
You' re chatting with a random stranger on Omegler
Question to discuss:
whats your opinion on hipsters
Stranger: gay faggets
Stranger: a hipster
You: as someone from portland they suck major dick
You: that means youre gay
Stranger: “you' re
Stranger: get owned by a hipster
You: isn' t correcting people' s misspelling a little too
Stranger: noppe
You: nope"
Stranger: if anything not being mainstream is now
Stranger: its a paradox
You: but then you' re still mainstream so if you' re a
hipster you have to mean underground so you my
fellow gent are note hipster
Stranger: ikr, just trolling
You: thats not trolling its just lying
Stranger: i have never actually met a hipster
You: trolling is backing someone into a comer with witty
comebacks and funny remarks
Stranger: well yeah it is because this is going on a
youtube video, in itself funny
You: idgaf
Stranger: its a compilation
You: still not trolling
Stranger: look man
Stranger: dent be such a faggot
Stranger: come on
You: atleast note newfag like you
Stranger: damn, that wounded me. That was pretty
You: saying that means that you have heard it alot so
that in itself makes you a newfag
You: oldfags are never called newfags
Stranger: so you are a "oldfag", must be proud
You: yup i am
Stranger: seems awesome
You: i am proud of my heritage on the interviews and
when someone takes trolling out of context it
legitametly annoys me but idgaf
Stranger: if you dent give a **** why are you
complaining you ******* retarded cumbucket of a
human being
You: to prove a point
You: you don' t have to say you' re trolling to get
someone mad like you are right now
Stranger: i wasnt trying to make you mad. You were
mad as seen as i said i was a hipster
You: no i wasn' t i just don' t like them
You: they think they' re betterthan everyone else
You: when they' re not
Stranger: you called me gay, slightly past disliking
You: you must be new to the intenet
Stranger: not..
You: calling someone gay shouldn' t be offensive at all
by new
Stranger: well a very happy monogamous gay man
and it does offend me
Stranger: when you use my sexuality as an insult its
You: why? if you' re happy don' t let three words offend
you just take it and move on
You: it' s really not an insult anymore its more like a
tradition of the intenet
You: and you started off this cento by calling hipsters
gay faggets" don' t be a hypocrite dude
Stranger: sorry, not actually a man or gay
Stranger: 14, my names jess
You: so what?
Stranger: so your mums a fag "... somehow
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
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Submitted: 06/21/2012
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User avatar #1 - fishtacos (06/21/2012) [-]
That's just a stupid argument on the meaning of trolling between a dumbass and a slightly more competent dumbass. Congratulations!
User avatar #2 - couriersix (06/25/2012) [-]
I think its a she
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