No News but Bad News. rate and comment please.<br /> from the book "Urban Legends" by Thomas J. Craughwell<br /> lots more on my p bad News facepalm WTF wow fail of Epicness
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No News but Bad News

rate and comment please.<br />
from the book &quot;Urban Legends&quot; by Thomas J. Craughwell<br />
lots more on my profile. if you care.

Ne News but Bad News
After being away on business for several weeks, a man began the journey home. As he
neared his farm, he met his steward on the road.
So, steward, what' s new at home?" he asked.
Sir, Fm afraid your dog has died," the steward replied.
How could that happen? He was barely two years old."
He gorged himself on burnt horseflesh, sir."
Where did he find burnt horseflesh?"
Sir, Fm sorry to say that all the horses died when the barn burned down."
How did the barn burn down?"
A spark from the house blew onto the barn roof. We were busy trying to save the house we
didn' t notice that the barn had caught fire until it was too late."
My house burned down?" the man asked in horror.
Yes sir, one of the candles set around your wife' s coffin was placed too close to the window
curtains. The curtains caught fire, and then the whole house went up in flames."
My wife is dead? Did you say my wife is dead?"
She died of a seizure, sir. After your eldest daughter ran off with the hired man."
The man greened and covered his face with his hands. When he regained his composure, he said,
My wife is dead. My daughter? run off. My house is gene. The barn is gene. My horses and even my
dog are dead. Where am I to live with the other three children?"
The steward cleared his threat.
I wouldn' t worry about that, sir. They all perished in the house fire."
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