All Youtube Copypasta. in one comment section. Gila Q Larget' r[ we r 69 674 d... Pu den jun 2012 are Amazin Check out the Creator: http: fornow. 4 426 gillar,  diks

All Youtube Copypasta

in one comment section

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Gila Q Larget' r[ we r 69 674 d...
Pu den jun 2012 are Amazin
Check out the Creator: http: fornow. 4 426 gillar, War inte
Now that I' m doing clips per video, I need MO SUBMISSIONS
III I I I if II ‘I III II II i ll“
Visa mar
Topp kommentarer
Am I the only one who was checking out the continuous reply top comment
stimme sedan sec}
we her som dail] r Inna
gs merman 321 23 timmah sedan 436 Ea
we her scum dbl] ' inte
I was gonna make a gay jokee-. butt **** it
som steer pa gamesmen 321 22 timmah sedan 333
we her scum diy] r Inna
Gay jokes are sick, cum on guys
som steer pa 22 timmah sedan 234 ch
we her daggers som ] r Inte
but blind jokes are the worst I can' t see the point of them
som steer pa 22 timmah sedan 359
we her froggets SWT? diy] r Inte
I' ll go ahead and say that 9/ 11 Jokee are
r. noddin -. som steer pa Jasona, 15 22 timmah sedan 365 Ea
we her SWT? diy] r Inna
I hate jokes about the Holocaust, Anne Frankley, may make me sick.
C. . telenor som steer pa sedan 294%
we her som we r tate
I wanted to tell a gay joke but I : ' t keep a Straight face
sale: som steer pa Callmebio or 22 timmah sedan 363 Ea
Dede her sam we r Inna
I was gonna say a black joke but ill slave it for later
som steer pa TC-. Icon sale: 11 timmah sedan STD Ea
was her framers scum dial] r tate
Vagina jokes aren' t funny either, period...
warhammer. 5797 som steer pa 11 timmah sedan 272 Ea
we her scum dail] r inte
I was gonna make a dickhole but it was too hard.
Th % som steer pa wahh lim timmah sedan 271 ch
I have some unemployment jokes, but they need some work.
som steer pa Thepressto: , 20 timmah sedan 291 ch
hey deaf guy, come hear
Th som steer pa () 19 timmah sedan Uploaded videos
we rth
I was gonna say a pencil joke but its pointless
go mangum som steer pa Th 18 timmah sedan 220 Ea
I hate cripple jokes i can' t stand them
XDI% nan as som steer pa go 18 timmah sedan 205 Ea
Oh man, you have been there for Hiroshima. It was a blast.
som steer pa XDI% nanas timmah sedan Ea
Did you hear about the guy whose whole left side was cut off? He' s all right
som steer pa l. ‘ reductions 16 timmah sedan 232
Wanna hear a pizza joke? Nevermind, it' s to cheesy.
996 som steer pa wahh 13 timmah sedan 133 Ea
I was gonna say a penis joke but it' s way too long
i, som steer pa xllt: DH 996 " timmah sedan rur Ea
I was gonna say a vaginaboob but you' ll never get it.
seen som pa ame 9 timmah sedan 139
Iwas gonna make ajoke about iwatch, butthert' s notime
Zenrath som steer pa seangalt T timmah sedan 49 ch
I was gona make a pubic joke, but gona shave it later
be It: som steer pa 5 timmah sedan ch
l was going to make a cloud joke, but it would have gone right over your head.
som sear pa E timmah sedan 39 ch
I was going to make an Asian joke, but it was too short
we som steer pa Min acre ttoo psh 3 timmah sedan 26 ch
Concentration is the key to making Jewish jokes.
in LUKE som pa 2 timmah sedan 28 ch
l was gonna make a joke about butter, but you' d only spread it
som steer pa in LUKE 20 min mar sedan Uploaded videos
1 o rth
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