Grammar Nazi, you're a Jew. At least that's what the SS says.<br /> Looks normal right? Bio look cl grammar Nazi
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Grammar Nazi, you're a Jew

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Looks normal right?
Bio look closer.
lloll .littl lili' ',
Ion see that who right there, too had, hut its enough
Looks normal, right?
No, look closer.
Missing a comma there.
Oh, and here, too.
ll closer.
Speaking of 'too', and grammar nazi knows that she
needed to use 'to' here:
Koo see that who right there, not too had, hut its enough
While we' re at it, let' s examine this sentence.
It' s a runion sentence with excessive, unnecessary comma use.
You see that who right too had, hot it} enough
too i. , l all other o no outta r
I El
The number of mistakes in this single sentence is literally insane,
especially for a 'grammar nazi'.
Let' s rewrite this sentence in correct english:
You see that typo, right there? That' s not too bad, but it' s enough
to bother me and all of the other grammar nazis.
Maybe she just couldn' t find the delete option in photoshop.
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Submitted: 04/23/2010
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