Short Takes 4. from the book "Urban Legends" by Thomas J. Craughwell. Please comment and rate.<br /> short takes funny Urban legends legend
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Short Takes 4

Urban Legend Short Takes 4
YES, YOU DIETS, THEY ARE ALL URBAN LEGENDS. I am only directing this to those dumbasses who kept bitching about half of
the last ones not being true. STFU. Thank you.)
F To expand her Living empire, Martha Stewart had herself cloned by a geneticist at
Columbia University.
Fr During a program on how to cook duck, Julia child dropped one of the birds on the floor.
Without batting an eye, she picked it up, dusted it off, and placed it back in the roasting
Never let a little thing like that upset you," she said. "After all, y: " re alone in the
Fr An episode of Leave Lt to Beaver made history when it showed the first toilet ever to
appear on American television.
F The pilot for Gilligan' s Gland revealed Gilligan' s first name was Willy.
F The producers of Sesame Street have decided to make Bert and Ernie a gay couple.
F The Creators of Star Trek added the character Ensign Chekhov after an editorial in Pravda
lambasted the show for failing to have a Russian aboard the USS Enterprise.
Fr Raquel Welch came on Johnny Carson' s Tonight Show with a beautiful Persian cat.
Would you like to pet my pussy?" she asked as she took her seat next to Johnny' s desk.
Sure, if you get that damn cat out of the way," he said.
Fr In the original 1940' s radio program, The Green Hornet, Kato' s character was Japanese.
After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Kato' s nationality was changed to Filipino.
Fr At the end of one of his broadcasts, Uncle Don, the host of a popular children' s radio
program in the 1930' s, failed to notice that he was still on the air.
There. That ought to hold the little bastards," he said.
Fr During the course of an interview, pop superstar Mariah Carey expressed her compassion
for famine victims.
I see those poor starving kids all over the world and Ijust cry. I' d love to be that thin,
but not with all those flies and stuff."
Fr Ronald Reagan was originally cast to play Rick in Casablanca.
Fr Humphrey Bogart and Ed Sullivan were brothers.
Fr Humphrey Bogart developed his trademark lisp after his father hit him across the mouth
when he was 10 years old.
Fr Humphrey Bogart developed his trademark lisp in the Navy after an inmate trying to
escape from the brig hit him across the mouth with his handcuffs.
Fr Humphrey Bogart developed his trademark lisp in the Navy after a piece of shrapnel from
an attacking Japanese submarine hit him across the mouth.
Fr During her Larry King Live interview, Monica Lewinsky said, "We learned not to put things
in my mouth that are bad for me."
Fr Star MALL My Children, Susan Lucci, is the daughter of Phyllis Diller.
Fr Outrageous MTV comedian Tom Green had his show canceled after he attended a bar
mitzvah dressed as Adolf Hitler.
Fr Phil Collins wrote "In the Air Tonight" about his brother" s drowning. The first time Collins
performed the song in concert, he sent free front row tickets to a man who had witnessed
the drowning and done nothing to help.
Fr Phil Collins wrote "In the Air Tonight" about his wife' s rape. The first time Collins
performed the song in concert, he sent free front row tickets to the rapist.
F The will of movie critic Gene Siskel specified that he must be buried with his thumb
pointing up.
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User avatar #1 - clochach (04/24/2010) [+] (1 reply)
the pet my pussy one isn't a myth i own the set of tonight show tapes that has that in it.
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