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User avatar #701 - grundo (06/14/2012) [-]
I know it's not considered metal, but are there any Avenged Sevenfold fans here?
#774 to #701 - dragostarc ONLINE (06/19/2012) [-]
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User avatar #770 to #701 - fluxz (06/16/2012) [-]
**** yeah. A7X is awesome
#731 to #701 - arachnospresso (06/14/2012) [-]
R.I.P., Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan. I'll never forget seeing them live before he passed.
User avatar #733 to #731 - grundo (06/14/2012) [-]
******* lucky son of a bitch. I just started liking them a couple of months ago.
User avatar #730 to #701 - xupmatoih (06/14/2012) [-]
lol red thumbs because opinions.

Anyways i'm a huge A7X fan because I like their variety, i didn't like their first album that much (I hate Metalcore) but Waking the Fallen was all kinds of epic, City of Evil was pretty good too, the Self-Titled album has to be my favorite, though. Nightmare i found it ok, the lyrics are what made that album, imo.
User avatar #719 to #701 - lolme (06/14/2012) [-]
I prefer Rise Against tbh.. :p
User avatar #732 to #719 - grundo (06/14/2012) [-]
I love Rise Against also.
User avatar #705 to #701 - pinkythepie (06/14/2012) [-]
I prefer Three Days Grace, but my friend is a die-hard Avenged Sevenfold fan.
User avatar #706 to #705 - grundo (06/14/2012) [-]
I used to love them, but I've kinda grown out of them.
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