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#227 - Lulzilla (06/12/2012) [-]
"LOL LETS MAKE FUN OF BLACK PEOPLE" Really? Is that what passes for humor now and days? This is just unoriginal.
#258 to #227 - anonymous (06/12/2012) [-]
****** detected
User avatar #229 to #227 - noblexfenrir (06/12/2012) [-]
Dis bitch serious?

To be honest, yes it is funny. Mainly because its a taboo topic in regular every day life.
#271 to #229 - anonymous (06/12/2012) [-]
Taboo topic? Bitch this joke is older than dirt itself, who didn't see it coming?
#237 to #229 - Lulzilla (06/12/2012) [-]
It's funny if your an immature idiot. I do my fair share of making fun of black people but these comics that are getting frontpage are just completely unfunny. There's no witty punch line to it. Just by reading the first couple sentences I could figure out what it's going to be. If you want to talk about something taboo then talk about baby rape. That's pretty taboo.
User avatar #240 to #237 - noblexfenrir (06/12/2012) [-]
Yeah but you have to remember the FJ community is very temperamental. If you go slightly to far, they'll thumb down the **** out of you, if you don't go far enough, they'll thumb you down for being a pussy.

So we get that unfunny middle ground that just slightly making fun.
#242 to #240 - Lulzilla (06/12/2012) [-]
That does not fix the fact that this is unfunny. It's something a 12 year old could make.
See this jpg? That's funny. This comic. Not funny.
User avatar #249 to #242 - noblexfenrir (06/12/2012) [-]
Obviously enough people thought it was funny to get it to the front page. I personally don't think its funny but I stopped thinking everything on the front page has to be what I find funny a long time ago.
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