Yahoo answer fail pt.3. -_- Part 1-/funny_pictures/377065/Yahoo+answer+fails+Part+1/<br /> Part 2- /funny_pictures/377641/yahoo+answer+fail+2/<br /> Yahoo answer fail Part Three funny
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Yahoo answer fail pt.3

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leal I have toe fungus and I heard that if I use saliva that it
Steve C) ttll kill the omens‘?
I have tried peeling the dead skin off but it comes back. cm you think saliva being
massaged in the toes will kill the bacteria? Also I heard dahing the toes after that in
green tea with a smudge of lemon will help as well followed by used {mites gourds as
an exfoliate and then towel dried. ls drawsomething that will work?
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That stuff doesnt work but urine does, if you want i can pee on it for you.
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