Wiki Trolls. Wu Tang Clan Ain't Nuttin To Fuk Wit. From , he free encylopedia The -" ems seem‘ the ' group For other new we bih,, Tony (). The Wu. Tarta Elan .' wikipedia wu tang clan
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Wu Tang Clan Ain't Nuttin To Fuk Wit

From , he free encylopedia
The -" ems seem‘ the ' group For other new we bih,, Tony ().
The Wu. Tarta Elan .'.h. ryyw. tjs. qr is an American hiphop group from Staten Island. New ‘fork that consists of RZA, GEA, Method Man,
GI: sedate Wish. Inspectah Dealt. . Hills. Hid the late Droits/ slam. They HE frequently mined by fellow
childhood Mend , a ofthe group Thugdere fanned in [and are associated wich] the New ‘fork City borough of
Man, REA, Ghostface Wish and Randomn) by members as "Shaolin"). though some
members are from : Carlyn ( Dirty Bastard. EEG. and Haste Killa) and one is from The Brisks( Denis}.
They have introduced and launched the careers i# affiliated artists and groups. molten mm as the Wetwang Killa
in . About corn Na. l greenest trip hop group befall time. and slated "bla weapon in history we me the
meets: cohesion of the (Nan The Glen had so many . web we his one : -lies. in their
approach. There' s a good reason no group has been able to recreate their sound. The new spawned countless loosely
associated . This masses albums spanned classic albums.' m Kris Ex of Rang Goone called Clan 'the Mat rap group
In . NME hailed them as one ofthe most groups ofthe last ten
1 Histor. r
1. 1 and name
1. 2 : Enter the t% Orange ) and sale albums
1 2. 1 : round albums
1. 3 . Warrant) Former and :
1. 3. 1 1 : amend round -of solo albums
l. d : The w. Barr Flag and
1. 5 '. . tyl ' Dirty r: Aesgard and resurgence
1. 5. 2 Line and albums
1 .5. 3 Death ' Dirty Eastern
1 .5. 4 I/ Fil Hip Hep honors
1 E ' Found round Maple albums and
earth: Vagin Festival' m .
Frigin Hahn tyland, New Turk 11. 5.
Genres Hi: hop
rhymes.. , F , my semen
wwy werter. yearn earn tfl
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