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#10030 - Goatmanlll
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(10/05/2012) [-]
the truth
Hello. im here to teach you about how the government is tricking us with celebrites.
Ever see will smith?
Looks familiar doesnt he?
doesnt it strike you as odd that will smith looks exactly like both USHER and BARACK OBAMA?
Yes…. odd..
I’ve came to discover that will smith is both usher and barack o bama. He is thirsty for fame and will do anything for it. he must be both a rapper and a president? Hmmm selfish
Im not famous so why does he have to be.
So wh do all these men look the same? i’m not sure.
I wrote a letter to Obama the president, and guess what.
No reply. this made me evenmore suspicious that they are all the same person. why dont you ever see usher, obama, and WILL SMITH all together? Hmmm.. internesting
I believe i am the first person to realize this curiousity.
if you look closely you can tell they all share the same hair cut and eye color? i cant tell you why or whats going on because i dont know either and im very confused i dont know what im doing
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