why some should never have kids. seriously---these people are without doubt the dumbest of the dumb. oh well at least they serve to make us laugh<br /> co These People are such Boobs its hilarious
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why some should never have kids

seriously---these people are without doubt the dumbest of the dumb. oh well at least they serve to make us laugh<br />

Alex That' s the last time I stick m hand in El ear engine whilst
he running
at -t: Ailis . Delete
Alex " knew I' been aang myself that
question Tom.
at 4: - Delete
I' m board.
Ill hour-. 2 tiltle III: - Like
chalk, we should get together.
it hours ago
MMI . D! Like I don' t have anything to do,
not % . like a . Learn to spellcheck.
it hours ago
god I hope you don' t breed.
it hours ago
Resolved Question Show me another a
I sold my only to my for internet
connection, how can i naeess internet without a
I sold my only on in order to get enough money to pay for my
Internet ' but now i oan seem to out how to make my intenet
connection work without a @ initial How do i use my intenet eon mention'?
ll, months ago
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Best Answer — Chosen by ‘voters
Put the mole in your mouth and start humming the dial up dial noise to soonest.
T' ll, months ago
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How turn monitor into mirror?
Does anyone know if its Estelle to use a backgrou rid that would essentially turn
my monitor into a mirror‘? Beaming: a mirror doesn‘ t work.
c! years ago
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Best Answer — Chosen by Asker
This is funny on so many levels. I oan‘ t believe you attempted to seen a mined
c! years ago
233 Allt. 'i... P, . Report Abuse
Asked: Rating: Pil Pil Pil Pil Pil
This answer wasn' t as informative as other answers, but it made me mug h, so I had to
ohms it as the best answer.
Anyway, it seems like ' may be Maille maybe not now, but with future monitors.
No. I dent want to just look at myself. I just want a really funky round = my
iii Dayna What does IBM’. mean?
Bud. Eu likes this.
1 Dayna t .5 '. no one knows!
reunites ego
facebookin .eom
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Submitted: 04/21/2010
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#8 - anonymous (04/21/2010) [+] (10 replies)
jack schidt's a lil bitch. he had a ******** of people block me cause I made a racist joke. he needs to get back in the kitchen and make his husband a sammich. he doesn't own this site, and he doesn't own me. thumbs to everyone here.
User avatar #14 to #8 - TarnRazor (04/21/2010) [-]
Jack Schidt is one of the best members on this website you anonymous whore!! Block him!
User avatar #6 - ZombieSmile (04/21/2010) [-]
You sold your computer to pay for internetz...

You're on a computer, accesing the internet you dumb **** . Why ask?
It's like mailing someone a letter to ask how to put a stamp on a postcard.
User avatar #4 - Snoods (04/21/2010) [-]
OMG this is brilliant! The pnly reason they should be allowed to breed is so that future generations can laugh as hard as i did!
#27 - anonymous (04/22/2010) [+] (1 reply)
Im board
User avatar #5 - llcoolz (04/21/2010) [-]
#1 - CrismonHazard **User deleted account** (04/21/2010) [-]
That last one is pure gold
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