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#146126 - brianine
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Okay, so for my current essay I have due today, my arguments for legalizing marijuana are:

>Scientific research (delta-9, delta-8, etc.)
>Medical purposes (Those who have cancer, joints, etc.(What's even better is that I found an argument about a narc releasing an old lady with a fistful of joints. Her answer to the narc is that she smokes to get rid of the side effects from her chemotherapy. Good?))
>Cash crop (California single-handedly pulls in over 13 million (13.8 million) in marijuana, and all together from 30 other states, we have $35,803,591 all together. That may not seem much, but annually, we take in about "$10 billion annually and usually ranks in the top 10 cash crops."

My other arguments are also their derivatives, hemp and oils. The fact that hemp can be used in clothing and as paper is a better alternative than chopping trees down. As for the oils and such, body care.

This isn't Pokemon; I know, but I'd like some help with this from you guise. :3
Pic for troubles.
#146135 to #146126 - spidermanrapeskids
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(12/10/2012) [-]
Write this.
#146136 to #146135 - brianine
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