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#20981 - aaronoutlaw (01/04/2013) [-]
A character I designed in a story I'm helping write.
User avatar #20984 to #20981 - oneironaut (01/04/2013) [-]
What's he like?
#20989 to #20984 - aaronoutlaw (01/04/2013) [-]
SHE. and glad you asked. Basically, the story involves a unique squad that was put together during WW2 as a last ditch effort. "supposedly". You see, in the story, there is a group of Vampires, who seek total genocide of the human race. The leader of them has her top scientist (pictured left) to help create an ultimate 3 person human extermination rebellion operation. dubbed Project H.E.R.O. these vampires being centuries old secretly kept their eyes on certain individuals, watching and moderating from the shadows so certain individuals would breed and create "perfect" warriors. Having secret ties inside the U.S. government, They are able to put their plans into action during WW2, gathering up the 3 individual children, and telling them that they are chosen to be the "saviors of America." after going through a long augmentation process, and intense training, they are sent on duty as "team HERO" to test over the many courses of war the U.S. has been involved in, to see if these are the "perfect" killing machines. Of course, the 3 individuals don't know anything about the vampires' plans. This person, is the leader of Team Hero.. Claire Virtuedge. A fire dragon/vampire hybrid. She's kind of your basic heroic leader. She cares very deeply about not just her squad, but all her fellow U.S. soldiers she fights along with. She feels even though she is a very powerful and special warrior, she deserves no special treatment. She was born in Texas, September 8th, 1923 into a christian Methodist home, raised by her dad, Nash Virtuedge (a dragon) and mom, Karenza Virtuedge (a vampire) She is very polite, even to people who show resent to her. she's the type who even if you hated her, and everything she believed in and stood for, would still sacrifice her own life just to save yours. she also has retained the appearance of being 18 years old since 1941. She however can be very quick to anger sometimes, and can be merciless to her enemies.
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