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#17689 to #17679 - alleksi
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I feel like his pose is kinda off in general

if I understand correctly you're going for is that his body is slightly pointing to the right while his head is facing to left from our POV , right? can't really tell since the armor has a lot of detail D: if so, I think that his left shoulder is facing too much towards us. when its like that, his left arm looks really awkward. I tried to create some sort of an reference picture...but I've honestly only been drawing for couple weeks...and by drawing I mean doodling in my notebooks.. so here's a disproportioned man!!! I hope you get what I mean though :D

the legs are probably an easy fix...just make his right knee point to the same direction as his left knee.

in the end..I'm not really good at these things, I just like to lurk drawing boards so these are just some things I've picked up
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User avatar #17680 to #17679 - DamnNature
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(11/16/2012) [-]
Looks great! You're right about the legs although I'm not sure what position you should give them... I'm sure you'll find a good solution.