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#15585 - thumbsdenied
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(10/17/2012) [-]
dumping some old drawings i had stored
#15588 to #15585 - thumbsdenied
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(10/17/2012) [-]
wanted to learn how to draw faces so i often had model pictures next to my canvas in photoshop. still dont know how to draw good hair or sharp images in photoshop. i usually start with a grey/ sepian colored canvas, then i use the burn tool to get my painting area and shading, then i just start coloring in the detail. i use the soft edged round brush to paint with, that is why the images usually are blurry...
#15590 to #15588 - felinescrotum **User deleted account**
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User avatar #15592 to #15590 - thumbsdenied
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(10/17/2012) [-]
thank yas, i used the smudge tool to kinda slide them into place and to make them alittle more realistic
#15589 to #15588 - thumbsdenied
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(10/17/2012) [-]
from the days when i still didnt own photoshop. i drew alot with MSpaint and it was hell
#15593 to #15589 - Jackimole
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(10/17/2012) [-]
MS paint is too pro for you.