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#308002 - snowshark (10/27/2012) [-]
Right, Lads and Lassies. This is something I have just very recently discovered on Facebook so if someone has already mentioned it to you in this board then I apologise for being the slowpoke.

Point is, these guys are attempting to promote Manga-ka based in the UK. The way I see it, this could just be something wonderful and it might just make the dreams of many budding Manga-ka, including myself, come true. Having a UK-based Manga company... might just be pretty cool.

You don't have to give money, but I think it's worth it to like toe page, just to let them know that there really are people out here (in the UK and perhaps overseas) who really want them to succeed.


^ Their FB page. There's a link to their website on it too. Let's make some dreams come true, you beautiful, big-eyed, animated bastards!
User avatar #308006 to #308002 - bamesjond (10/27/2012) [-]
Eh. Neat, I guess.
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