Wild Pedo Bear. A wild Pedo Bear appears on your funnyjunk! <br /> What do you do?.. pedo bear uses seat wild pedo Bear appears
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User avatar #5 - disarmsmile (04/20/2010) [-]
pedo bear uses seat
User avatar #4 - SirSheepy ONLINE (04/20/2010) [-]
sends out chris hansen

chris hansen uses take a seat
#3 - nalluc (04/20/2010) [-]
send out "power puff girl"

pedobear used snatch and fled

God f**king damn it
User avatar #2 - fever (04/20/2010) [-]
fever sends out level 100 Chris Hansen
User avatar #1 - Absolut (04/20/2010) [-]
Ehhhhh... nukes?
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