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#3 to #1 - fefe (06/04/2012) [-]
Boys and girls have swag
men and women have class
#166 to #3 - fefe (06/04/2012) [-]
**** people who say that. Unless you're dressed like Barney stinson everyday, **** you and your "I'm a lonely teenager with no self-esteem, have limeted amount of friends and are very asocial. All the cool guys say they have swag, but i don't so i can at least comfort my self with the thought of having "class."

As a frontpage once said said: The average funny junker is above average intelligence, under average social skills and an underachiever. Not saying everyone is, but most are.

I can see the stupid in op's picture, but **** it, i'll bet ******* money on the fact that not a single funny-junker in this thread can post a picture of him self being classy, hell even i can't. Wanna see class? Watch White collar, Neal Caffrey got ******* class.

Now stop being pathetic, close your browser, go see some friends, maybe drink a beer or two. Just at least ******* do something.
#330 to #166 - fefe (06/04/2012) [-]
this is me on an average day.

you may now proceed to go **** yourself.

i've got class ************ .
#302 to #166 - ladygirl (06/04/2012) [-]
I've got class, bitch.
#229 to #166 - fefe (06/04/2012) [-]
You don't need to look like a celebrity to have class, so I don't see how posting a picture of ourselves with class is going to do anything.

Oh here, let me go get dressed up in a classy outfit to show off my class
#202 to #166 - fefe (06/04/2012) [-]
I like this post
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