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#198 - Nameloc
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Apparently people in the comments don't understand much about the Xbox and PC version of Minecraft, so I'll break some things down real quickly;
PC - Is the most up-to-date version, has custom mods/texture packs/character skins/creative mode

Xbox - Is Minecraft 1.7.3, no creative mode, limited world sizes
Why are there limited world sizes? Because it'd take up too much space; The further you adventure the more memory is added to the save file. They'll expand the limit, maybe even take away the limit, when they find a nice way to compress the world saves down as much as possible.

The Xbox version is PERFECT for people who can't run Minecraft on a PC, although even if you "pre purchased" the game while it was in Indev/Infdev/Alpha/Beta/Whatever you don't get a copy for the xbox for free...
The Xbox version DOES have some lag, it's not too noticeable normally...Sometimes it's a 10FPS drop, sometimes there are lag spikes; Overall it still plays nicely.
One downside to the Xbox version is you need a Giant ass HD TV. Can't play split-screen on a TV that isn't "HD". I have a 30" TV in my room, one of the first "flat screens" (still has the massive back to it, weighs like 300lbs) and it won't allow split-screen....

They are trying to work on Custom character skins for the Xbox version, from what I've heard, although it's hard to do since PC gamers pretty much make the skins pixel by pixel.

The PC version could have totally have it's code re-written to where it can run on any computer, really; This won't happen because they would need to re-write the entire ******* game..
To be honest, Minecraft lost some of it's fun to me around Beta, and it is really nice to have Split Screen Co-op play. Co-op makes it fun again.
I own both versions (obviously) and have clocked a ******** of hours on the Xbox version already, so has my brother. Still not enough to compare to the PC version but it's starting to get there...
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#212 to #208 - Nameloc
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TL;DR It's pretty much a small? review/all the pros and cons of the Xbox Version and the PC version of Minecraft.
#200 to #198 - Nameloc
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*When I said "Still not enough to compare to the PC version but it's starting to get there..." I meant the hours I've clocked onto it in game time.
Although this could be true for the Version of Minecraft and how it is when compared to PC..