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I would actually say that the spoiler for Sweeney Todd was that the Crazy Homeless Woman was actually his wife. Mrs. Lovett only said that she was dead so she could get with Sweeney. Sweeney Todd or Benjamin Barker, which was his real name, only figured this out after he kills his wife. He later kills Mrs. Lovett through anger and revenge. Toby killing Sweeney was not all that important. Sweeney had gotten his revenge, he didn't want to live anymore anyway and if Toby hadn't killed him, Sweeney might've commited suicide anyway

Oh yeah and Hedwig dies in the seventh book.
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Mrs. Lovett actually never said she DIED, just that she had "poisoned herself". Clever Mrs. Lovett is the real villian of Sweeney Todd!

On another note, it's more like DUMBLEDORE kills Dumbledore. Assisted suicide of sorts.
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Mrs. Lovett definetly lit a fuse but she was hoping that he will accept it, move on with his life and fall in love with her. Their relationship was actually similar to that of Harley Quinn and The Joker (Batman reference ftw!). There was actually a time when he said that once he killed Judge Turpin he would marry her. In a few renoditions of he play she becomes his lover (The movie left out a lot). I feel that the true villians of the play is actually Judge Turpin and Sweeney himself, both their motives in the play become clear during their song "Pretty Women" when Turpin sings of Sweeneys daughter, whom he intended to marry and Sweeney sings of his wife, whom he intended to avenge. It's a very climatic point in the story.