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#87 - iantheoreo (05/26/2012) [-]
I don't like the mau5 as much as I used to.

I really do have to thank him for bringing me into EDM, back when he did more house and trance.

No offense, but after 4x4=12, I stopped really listening, and I don't know why.
User avatar #95 to #87 - RequieminMortis (05/26/2012) [-]
To be honest, "Ghosts N Stuff" is the only song of his that I like. Only "dubstep artist" (in quotations because I've been told he's not really dubstep) I listen to is Skrillex.
User avatar #113 to #95 - toxictouch (05/26/2012) [-]
skrillex isn't dubstep

and even if you do consider him dubstep, he's ******* horrible at it

#115 to #113 - RequieminMortis (05/26/2012) [-]
> implying that it's possible to be good at dubstep

It's a horrible genre, honestly. Skrillex just has that sort of "so bad it's actually sorta good" quality to his work.
User avatar #118 to #115 - toxictouch (05/26/2012) [-]
if you actually like good dubstep

you would know he sucks
#121 to #118 - anonymous (05/26/2012) [-]
>good dubstep
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