HARRY POTTER GEEKKKKK. . Jessica - so glad harry wen!! i belived in him from the begining! em such a 38 minutes age Like - Comment Dael. r' l: i‘ I enjoyed the
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Jessica -
so glad harry wen!! i belived in him from the begining! em such a
38 minutes age Like - Comment
Dael. r' l: i‘ I enjoyed the melee tee. I weight it was well dorm
37 minutes age Like
33 minutes ago Like
Dael. r' uia Probably net. net mistaken, we were the girl
whe never owed up w dass in high school so we never really got the
chance w knew any offs, Anyway, added ME, ..... yep.
31 minutes age Like
Cassea - whe the fuk do we wink we are Ellen w me like
that! we dent we me! why the **** we comment en my week slates
whit this sit! NOT GOIN TO BE UR. LOCERI. !!
28 minutes age Like
28 minutes age Like
I Jessica - wat the my we tryin w say new? get lest mam
27 minutes age Like
David‘ ...Crul: ? the of the curses? Surely
youve heard of them, ..
26 minutes age Like
Jessica - wtf are we even talking about! quit harassing me!
deleting we!
26 minutes age Like
David ‘Just as I thought, Youre the werst kind of ‘fan girl,"
I' m guessing we' never cracked men an HP book?
25 minutes age Like
an -wat dyou call me? ill min kick were ass! i didt
read the book ELIE! dent have tel
25 minutes age Like
but the three unforgivable curses are
explained and mentioned IN THE FILMS and " in particular issued
more than the other two , . . AN THE FILMS.
23 minutes age Like
Jesica- SID??? why the **** he i care!!
22 minutes age Like
Davyre“ l" should care, have no he NOT
knew about those curses. . . .enless we are just another slutty, bimbo
fan girl whe usurps attention from the series because it' s ‘what' s me!‘
minutes age Like
e new we caling me a ? 7? 7? 77? 777
HELLKILL NED where do we live ******* ! agentg w Edd kill we!
minutes ago Like
Davyre‘ We lived anew the street from we Fer 12 years. we
wouldn' t knew that because we only let guys in the back deer.
17 minutes age Like
Jessica -e i see wer the damn ****** lintier nerd **** CHRIS
the street, amin right new w beat wer ass in and bringin my bf!
adn he is black!
15 minutes age Like
David‘ Regulus Slack?! : rasper but Siriusly, tn get the
Lysol ready. Your dank ass used w make the entire dascream wreak;
even when we skipped. It' s like Tour desk was a Herl: rux Fer wer
****** ,
12 minutes age Like
Justin ‘Seed times, We used be call her meaning myrtle muse
she smelled like the terlet where she used he sell herself. sst wer English
building, Seed limes, indeed.
5 minutes age Like
B Hike -fur: k this male l:: . these elements
just made my win day
w ho 2 minutes age Like
is not Write a l: omment...
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Submitted: 05/25/2012
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Anonymous commenting is allowed
#641 - anonymous (07/12/2012) [-]
once she got calledd out she freaked out and started ******** herself. wat a bitch
#639 - thefunnyside (05/30/2012) [-]
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#638 - livingshadow (05/29/2012) [-]
When I see these "I'm such a (insertnamehere)geek" posts on fb
When I see these "I'm such a (insertnamehere)geek" posts on fb
#637 - discardedslinky (05/29/2012) [-]
I see these kinds of posts.   
ALLLL THE TIME. I wish I had balls to call them out on it.
I see these kinds of posts.

ALLLL THE TIME. I wish I had balls to call them out on it.
User avatar #635 - meggurz (05/29/2012) [-]
tbh at first these were funny and really ture, but now its like people are just faking them for the hell of it..
User avatar #636 to #635 - meggurz (05/29/2012) [-]
#621 - ArmanG (05/26/2012) [-]
boyfriend.. is clearly black.
#613 - anonymous (05/26/2012) [-]
User avatar #611 - dudeperson (05/26/2012) [-]
Nothing to do here, just a dumb bitch on facebook
#608 - yuknowherpderp (05/26/2012) [-]
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#595 - anonymous (05/26/2012) [-]
lol harry potter gleek
User avatar #592 - OMGChrisHansen (05/26/2012) [-]
Not only is this a repost but I'm thinking it must honestly be fake, because the stupidness of that chick is a little overplayed and no one has the balls to say things like that to someone.
User avatar #603 to #592 - paradenoire (05/26/2012) [-]
you obviously haven't been on the internet long enough xD seriously this **** happens all the time. no offense to you mate. twas a joke
#590 - ThumbItUp (05/26/2012) [-]
**ThumbItUp rolls 25**
#604 to #590 - seantrujillo (05/26/2012) [-]
**seantrujillo rolls 70**
#628 to #591 - koobzacc (05/26/2012) [-]
This image has expired
Brought you back to zero from negative one; It was a damn good effort!

besides, what would you have posted if you actually got dubs?
User avatar #630 to #628 - ThumbItUp (05/26/2012) [-]
nothing, just left it at that
#589 - anonymous (05/26/2012) [-]
wow even the boyfriend found it funny. A real man makes knows how to handle his crazy dumb woman, Mike is a real man.
#587 - petal (05/26/2012) [-]
She didn't know what Crucio was?

That makes me, so sad.
User avatar #580 - kathuzada (05/26/2012) [-]
The two letters O and P can no longer be used in the form OP on here
#579 - xbaconbitzx (05/26/2012) [-]
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User avatar #575 - thacuddlemonsta (05/26/2012) [-]
this reminded me of this bimbo i go to school with. by the way, she skipped P.e. with her friend to go into our class.
> be watching a movie in class
>shes sneezing and says "I DON"T KNOW HOW TO SNEEZE!" as loud as she can.
>(already asked a question before) wait...how do you not know how to sneeze?
>.....I-I only asked you two questions....
...well....at least she knows what comes after one.
#570 - anonymous (05/26/2012) [-]
I just like how this is a repost and it makes the #1 spot on the front page.

Typical Funnyjunk.
#572 to #570 - anonymous (05/26/2012) [-]
What do you expect? FJ wants to be 4chan, but only ends up being 9gag.
#568 - jimothylivesforevz **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#585 to #568 - wikit (05/26/2012) [-]
#584 to #568 - wikit has deleted their comment [-]
#586 to #583 - jimothylivesforevz **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #588 to #586 - petal (05/26/2012) [-]
lmfao, I laugh at this every ******* time.
#582 to #568 - wikit (05/26/2012) [-]
No one.
User avatar #566 - Bad Man (05/26/2012) [-]
**Bad Man rolls 120** If this is real, Admad will give me blue text.
#567 to #566 - Bad Man has deleted their comment [-]
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