Makes me want to want to get paypal.. I saw a post similar to this one about a different product and thought I should share my findings... I should look around  op sucks dicks l

Makes me want to want to get paypal.

I saw a post similar to this one about a different product and thought I should share my findings... I should look around for more funny reviews of amazon products.

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Army of Darkness Puppet Prop Replica
by Army of Darkness
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By Corey M. Simon
I bought this tor my child thinking it weild make tor a great Christmas present (he levee to read and the pictures all Geeked nice) after sems initial
misunderstanding ancient Sumerian (Thanks Google Translators. rla we finally got enough a gist it to read it befire bed
Well now I' read the thing and my son' s locket) in the basement chanting things like "Join eel" or "Let me Ott" Yeah right, I' m not going to feed my damen-
possessed son, I knew what these things eat and it ain' t green beans. He first tried crying and begging to convince me he wasn' t possessed, that' sjust what they
want you to think! Next thing you knew I' ll be letting him out and he' ll be assaulting girls on the playground with wheel
Nope, he' s much more behaved now, he hasn' t spoken in two weeks, but I knew he' s dawn there waiting tor mete tight him one on one with a chainsaw (like I' m
going to m that I' seen tee many movies to knew better)
So thanks Amazon.
B Comments I Was this review we? l. Yes l l his l
2 ofa people following review helpful
seems Mine came, Signed try Lovecraft February's, 20" 12
Durability', Educational: Fun:
Heading up tor the tall season color change, I thought trom my friend' s comments this weild be useful as we were going to stop by the University. Well, we did see
some color change, and naturally enough, after translation, the beek went a long way to explaining the wet leek the locals in the various towns and villages in
the hinterlands_ Dr. Carter was kind enough to help us understand that while it' s dated, there are sews eternal truths no to be missed in this beek- However,
sometimes it' s best to leave sleeping giants lie.
Buyer beware, once yee' started reading it, it' s really, really hard to put dawn_
Comment I Wasters review we? l Jes CNT..)
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Prop replica?
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