Charmander Diaries Part 4. I uploaded one of these as a comment and a couple people asked to see them all part 1: /funny_pictures/3695709/Charmander+Diaries+Par Diary Chamander PIKACHU
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Charmander Diaries Part 4

A started at! the seht Gif'
L, st. t nite ",e,, oopses-" Pikachu. g Lankiest *
a/ l' ipatch that sly spi/ esdf
E? -was that may as
I aft /vsa/ 'sparticus -
See the. rarirty tst' . . ism’ . t: shaer" m air
the sequester, ugh; d astein tht ' ean
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So THAT'S why Charizard hates Ash!