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#359 - BowChickaBowWow (05/13/2012) [-]
I think this mom's actually doing a pretty good job of parenting.
Exposing her kids to firearms and(Hopefully)teaching them about them so they're smart around them and don't become either the typical far-left liberal who believes that guns are evil sentient beings that rise up in the night and kill babies or, worse, the codfag who runs around making machine gun noises. If you want an example of what they're like, refer to this: www.funnyjunk.com/text/3270273/Long+Read+but+worth+it/
#393 to #359 - milkcoupon (05/13/2012) [-]
If people are taught at a younger age about guns and the uses of them, everyone would stop being pussies and think they're the cause of all of our problems and need to be banned. (because banning them will totally prevent that -facepalm-)
#382 to #359 - creonman (05/13/2012) [-]
I agree with you on the baby....but that pug might be trouble.....
#377 to #359 - durkadurka ONLINE (05/13/2012) [-]
Well said.
Well said.
#363 to #359 - anonymous (05/13/2012) [-]
Isn't that a baby

User avatar #379 to #363 - BowChickaBowWow (05/13/2012) [-]
It is.
User avatar #361 to #359 - BowChickaBowWow (05/13/2012) [-]
Hate me for saying it, but that's my opinion.
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