Bedtime. Another comic i had saved that i thought I should share. DAMED PM MIT ‘RT. near? ilialiali IE' libi'. ...That's not a paradox.
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Another comic i had saved that i thought I should share

near? ilialiali
IE' libi'
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Submitted: 05/12/2012
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#39 - gmarrox ONLINE (05/13/2012) [-]
My driving instructor back in Driver's Ed on breaking for a stoplight: "Hurry up and slow down!"

User avatar #35 - XShanaynayX (05/13/2012) [-]
To be comfortable
#29 - allgoodnamesrgone ONLINE (05/13/2012) [-]
this statement is false!
User avatar #28 - alanthewhite (05/13/2012) [-]
**alanthewhite rolls 989,045,062** Am I missing something here? He's in bed because his father told to go to bed, that isn't a paradox.
#27 - anonymous (05/13/2012) [-]
User avatar #24 - imagnetsux ONLINE (05/13/2012) [-]
because you made me
User avatar #14 - shadowstepone (05/12/2012) [-]
pinochio says "my nose will now grow"
btw, op is i fag, that wasn't a paradox, you can be in bed no matter how tired or hyperactive you are.
#20 to #14 - dusters ONLINE (05/13/2012) [-]
Told that one to my philosophy teacher when we were talking about syllogism and paradox related stuff. It ****** his brain for 2 days because he wanted to prove it wasn't one.
#16 to #14 - milmarwoot (05/13/2012) [-]
statement is not a paradox
nose would not grow wait a second nose now grows did not grow when he said it would grows seconds later when his first statement was false
User avatar #17 to #16 - shadowstepone (05/13/2012) [-]
oh, here's another one: this statement is a paradox
#19 to #17 - milmarwoot (05/13/2012) [-]
by your logic
this statement is a fish
now means i have a fish
User avatar #21 to #19 - shadowstepone (05/13/2012) [-]
think about it: if i say that it is a paradox, there isn't anything paradoxical about it, so it isn't one, so it is.
#22 to #21 - milmarwoot (05/13/2012) [-]
am sorry but no
there is nothing paradoxical about the statement it is never paradoxical
User avatar #23 to #22 - shadowstepone (05/13/2012) [-]
exactly, i said that it is a paradox, but it isn't, so it is a paradox.
#25 to #23 - milmarwoot (05/13/2012) [-]
no no its not
your saying a wrong statement makes itself right well guess what it ******* does not
wrong is wrong
your logic is wrong
i say you are a hamster
you are not a hamster
you now become a hamster
User avatar #26 to #25 - shadowstepone (05/13/2012) [-]
fine, whatever. i'm not in the mood for this. think what you want to think.
User avatar #30 to #26 - noneckcomics ONLINE (05/13/2012) [-]
You seem to think a contradiction is a paradox.

It is not.
User avatar #38 to #30 - shadowstepone (05/13/2012) [-]
i just realized that you're right. sorry about that.
#36 to #30 - anepicnub (05/13/2012) [-]
Everyone else's Face When
#13 - anonymous (05/12/2012) [-]
"A paradox is a statement or group of statements that lead to a contradiction or a situation which (if true) defies logic or reason."
User avatar #12 - Scorpionjak (05/12/2012) [-]
The below statement is true
The above statement is false
User avatar #6 - lorddoctoroftardis (05/12/2012) [-]
Can someone explain how that's a paradox?
#18 to #6 - milmarwoot (05/13/2012) [-]
sorry not a pardox
Universal set
"a universal set is a set which contains all objects, including itself."
User avatar #7 to #6 - theomegaman (05/12/2012) [-]
It isn't.
#4 - redlikewine (05/12/2012) [-]
Comment Picture

User avatar #3 - Nightelfbane (05/12/2012) [-]
It's not saving and sharing, it's reposting.
User avatar #2 - drainbamage ONLINE (05/12/2012) [-]
Because your dad told you to.
User avatar #1 - girguy ONLINE (05/12/2012) [-]
...That's not a paradox.
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