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#61 - haloforever
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(05/12/2012) [-]
True, But girls generally go out with guys that are attractive, and mostly solely for looks. Guys that generally look better are more confident because they know they can be, because there will always be a girl that likes him for his looks and ONLY his looks. These guys are seen as douchebags by other guys because the get everything handed to them, and when they are tired of being with one girl, they move onto the next, the girl then complains that all guys are assholes, because the only experience she's had with guys, is with ones that she goes out with without knowing them, which, well ****, what do you know, turns out badly. Girls won't give a second look to guys like me, Beta's, until they know that they cannot compete for the alpha, the more attractive guy. I Also understand, that many guys are all attracted to the more beautiful Girl, but the only guy that has a chance with this girl, is The one that is, your so called "Confident" and guess what? He's more attractive. So you can **** off with your advice, we know that girls like more Confident guys, But really when have you seen a girl going out with a Average to below average looking guy, Because he's got a nice personality and he's "confident"? Probably never, because you can be ************* Martin Luther King, But if you're not attractive you can say goodbye to your chances with an attractive girl, with an attitude like yours.
User avatar #65 to #61 - youradropkick
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(05/12/2012) [-]
These words are true exactly. I've never been confident with myself, but I was a good guy to a girl. She wanted a relationship and I didn't want to, because I knew she was too good for me. But I give it a shot anyway. I was nice enough to her and said nice enough stuff that it boosted her confidence. As soon as she was slightly more confident, she realised, HMMM I can do better than this guy, he's not good looking enough! So she dumped me 6 weeks later. All I hear from people is "Be confident" How the **** can anyone be confident when 95% of girls will only consider a guy if hes a ******* sexy perfect douche? Pfffttt!