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Had a small DDOS. We're back now after I nulled some IPs.

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#211 - Soundtrack (05/06/2012) [-]
It is impossible to click on a bomb with your first click, microsoft programmed it that way.

Go ahead, try it out!

#232 to #211 - anonymous (05/06/2012) [-]
Only new version, dumbass.
Only new version, dumbass.
User avatar #231 to #211 - bipolarfurry (05/06/2012) [-]
lies. it happened to me before
#222 to #211 - sahakid (05/06/2012) [-]
Unless you select "Restart THIS game"
User avatar #213 to #211 - pickledherring (05/06/2012) [-]
if it's impossible then how did he get this picture? hmmm???

i wish i had the philoseraptor .jpg
User avatar #221 to #213 - vizz (05/06/2012) [-]
Its only happens if you restart the first game. since it uses the same map on a restart.
User avatar #212 to #211 - ludislavonac (05/06/2012) [-]
Say what? It happened often to me
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