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Hilarious Facebook Statuses Compilation!

Hilarious Facebook Statuses!
21 muute; as i came: i use
yaw: acne is imam
14 minutes as
undated your status
menulis BUD
yams embody wanked! .. i
B minutes we
wire amen
night. dry
15 reroutes we anywon: We
sh his
FT Mark. MOM WI?
9 ii statutes as
Karel: -was in as '
l I an
9 numnums as
Kevin wan from berg 'engaged" to' Like
people .
in 2.. Cameras dude",
commutes as
Jess; o my you and Sherman on the rocks?!?! i
ii as
Shannan a ALL or you mo you FUCKING
mains CAN FUCK arm
win - Does that ?
cyan IS FIB’ 'single. Carrier Us
I haakon the maul. what you dun wright
about 2 hours we
Actu# , my boyfriend was in by a car a few
months ago. my is mam my status butten an
nut over t Surly.
hour ago
Jasonmraz one, asshole.
about an hum
jam: THATE , My boss IS a my new warmer
always making me do an piss me new WALKERS
yestersay at ism ( Like
mtsu_ somewh_ aw-
Human»/ at 22 53
Immume Lam
Emily Mt. . Would NEVER buy s (37 ' t AMERICANA
ass. in hum as (DIVINE!!! Lila
Cam was mix.
shunt in houkago
may :4: Teah an my parents brought -
shell in houkago
Jae my . T min. if that is haw was mi, we
l and win an walk ,
about an
Darius ran Tau cant sell that an in the
Shins I wanna we in in backseat.
Emily Pk’ Darius! lla!
Jan mg, That Mack guy better in kidding (min.
minutes as
Alex '2 in Trier's' are fuck rims.
1: "arc' Vraz Ines in
Maj um my shun. Min‘: new was all
HEM. I camk issuse
mam M: me In rain was mare Julian um I xwm
is. My my!" trn so swim.
25 minim; as
eastii mm is in sign
minute; um
L nder and is We is take s minute Just st ism were and /ll tell you
haw i funk off in s balloon mien with hot sir
about sh hour as We
sh Tou, James and i others We this
Krista Haley in eastern colorado born and rased
about sh hour as Delete
T/ days
i Limiest chasm‘ tornadoes is haw i spent must a
an minutes as
same helium out by the pool
is minutes as
James Krisha when s couple a winds Mia were up is rm
good started Pushing me out T/ neihborhood
is minutes as
I Mateo Fuerte I tank she W rim and T/ mam got scared
I James Cabrera calln' in s basket sin all cool and Shawn
is minutes as
Dan Kraus she sad /oute rising with yam new mam Ham
wire may in s balloon hues with hat sir
as minutes as
James Heashot Fell out w s box and want turn 7 W s
37 minutes as
is latern"
I Mateo Fuerte and I mien is the balloono, “wins dawn smell
as minutes as
was rinsing there
29 minutes as
I James Cabrera Safe in T/ home, known as the Ponce s the
19 minutes as
I Limiest [hid in T/ garage, the rash Mia never
I Limiest they ease sans me sh waif miner, I
View in the sir
15 minutes as
e Drinking margaritas in a me)
we is good
E at 20 is is ‘lawman! We
rs_ hehhee has my - are we
tranlated of are ther in thet rims
DE NM/ ENDS at n 22
my when may : as you mean scams
And my ther were an easing in Sweat
as November at 17
6: mma , 1777 you and yen we in s sewn bar a
last we 4 checked new was ii not in main so t
as November at is as mistook an
visions Peach kidnapped again "
tr' Yesterday sis sass is intuit" cant as
Mano WTP, ?
Yestarday a sassin
Link Thu ens muss“.
ysterday It main
war. I ' as MW same as as has
restorer at _T: titan
dale a :. neni
may Kong IS straight in s barrel. someone would come let CITE
not in is
Emma: use
yestrday It m.
may Kw:
m@ Noam
15 . his wish thongs maid mi into place, but t
doesit {oak that way
E December 30, ms 315. 149“! is Phone ‘Canniest' We
in thee may
in, was sea min
Man ‘hm wings
December an mus at ii.
December 31, mag at 12 _ Delete
I ‘ Haia
December 31, me at 12
my -my eams when , those aims
Mamba! 31, was at 2
Writs s (Eminent
Sarah wmm ME SOME semi
23 Trites as We
Sarah - FUCK van
is Trites as "Delete
may and her we vim tn keep your
my Tour, is
in Trites as "Delete
7 inanities as "Delete
him. who i u?
7 inanities as "Delete
Simh’ safaei 7
s inanities as "Delete
it bury. y sis u Biking We sis
s minutes as "Delete
Shah- hi. i need is remember
when i sin mini
l inutes as "Delete
Helu there Sarah This is Rev Jeffery Di wash:
yen is my W daughter mi be dewgong you inn her ism
was we sis notm had
the my ghostaura ism thater s A
is the young seas
51 seconds as Delete
we s (Demerit
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#1 - CryptTheReaper **User deleted account**
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(04/16/2010) [-]
"I thought you had the holy ghost"
Bahahahaha! Sounds like my paents lol
User avatar #2 to #1 - Liechtenstein
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(04/16/2010) [-]
User avatar #4 - skulblaka
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(04/22/2010) [-]
i lol'd like **** on princess peach and diddy kong..... new way of looking at it
#3 - sectornineteen
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(04/16/2010) [-]
emily please tell me that black guy is kidding. LMAO