Revenge. . I find out; theedge friend: that I check nee cell and sure enough, my girlfriend e. cheating en me. text messages vetnern her and meat the ? her . Me
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I find out; theedge friend: that I check nee cell and sure enough,
my girlfriend e. cheating en me. text messages vetnern her and
meat the **** ? her . Messages Like,
I enjoyed *******
en yum:
bed. can he agaen
next: tent
ya. ,, sshe, do em? l eegee_ get revenge ea nee.
new all I' , gm eor “L 1' 11 net a few days tn calm dawn
eh, ,, arise, Chm an we and thick of the new nay
She broke my heart! an 939 revenge an was
eema: a
sneding Radix: far ideas] The best nay to make her pay 15
theough hex wallet. If I have
revengence new demesne else ;
won' t make me feel any better.
my thinking] seen, T was '
to break up with hem, but; I' ll
came to his gene, might as well
can you the Co
my sofa_ ) 1 sane and
cheat in: me? Illing yhur Sorel.
meme can and 1' 11 my use him We
everyone beer‘
last time.’ Lore
Thanks far 4
caning, we
yourself tn 4
as much dennie
as you g your
reminde wanta
After the game] Hey ewes, In
geena tn put; thee en my
car. I' ll be eight back...
Wheres my are
He' ll pay thee
Text message from BE"; PS. I' m
Text message from BE"; Thanks for dumping Yum
all the beer. can you grab the
nu while your there.
an than My T' ll just par “sing seen, lets teach thee bastard a
hes debat card he lent me the 19359": has gs . my
other day tn buy gee. swank: " vi ‘-
I genna Shep ten I deep, using my , gave me all the
are dent card. LOL . (Sauna them all as
theere nu nay he can return
GUESS any cf thee Stuff. 1. 01.
new Settee ded she know, that her I knew she had my dent card, as
his ass nff..] I devised a pew that would really
put; revenge en the map‘.
43 Hours ago]
I took he: dent and my
dent card winch locked the
eema (they were the eema bank, and
we did net Sign the back)
Sweaty In geena m the
tn buy eema milk, we are met.
I went he the ATM, I changed my When I get heme I secretly pet
SPA dent need tn the eema pen , bath cards back en her wallet.
my dent card, and put a hen we usually puts nee card en
pen , ts my dent card the left sleds and mane en the
eight edde. an I swapped them),
Sc she would nee hers
1 Week later]
72 Hunts later]
beween thinks he can danp me
I. Entry,
hem pay neeh. Icee Shep ten your an check
I deben hes ban):
maney en my bank
she checks ban):
Its empty. she
checks the recent
and that she need her
own card instead cf her .
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Submitted: 05/02/2012
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User avatar #5 - aldheim (05/02/2012) [-]
Seen it.
#2 - feveryoucantsweat (05/02/2012) [+] (1 reply)
just. win.
just. win.
User avatar #8 - xenophaigus (05/02/2012) [-]
Well done sir.
#6 - cultfiction ONLINE Comment deleted by alexsandy [-]
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