Missing Missy, Successfully Trolled. This had me in tears lol. I know it's sort of a long post but it is worth reading.. From Dale % T subect Myer n ene my my m missy squashed cat troll Lost
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Missing Missy, Successfully Trolled

This had me in tears lol. I know it's sort of a long post but it is worth reading.

Dale % T
subect Myer
n ene my my my out ene has been
so n was Wynn ere MUD men
make e Duster yer Te t Mun MAJ ene n new t ene on t
Tha athe my BMW er Mr n haven: name may ene
s mew ene we ene ween: ewes om - en / ene
wens Shun
subect Re Myer
my s news Lucky n when New veer ween
new Mayan "
yne - ye ween wart at M my new whinne about
may wither: can immense ene anon: we en the we er
the man, My new legs unseen try e vennene, calme "
Athough cane's working afternoon, n
new at course, own everybunny ween whatever Makes ye unmet: the
weeney return er may
Regards, new
one r.
Re Myer
Yeah wyverns nknow
1' Re Re Re Myer
universal mom we cats Once, havong been ye e runny, ‘went
clothes slopdog ene bought e Dav en :(
bums They were two sees yne seen on n wanted ween so new n
n new lust weer ween writey sews ene my my menu“: very
were Asthe new was my e new Mums Men my Mace, manned ye
new Afterthe My Mow, my on no my reet Aragog nun: new
my e any named , men Mame n can Mm M WM:
ute' , ene he nelonen Te my now Ursa Marthe
Steven n e chm Wendy Manama try e my we
my meme ene warned causing Steven ye new my we wen,
slp en e my ene sink: M _ Mm we comer er e newer,
roseanne n e New new now new nu ts shack, we my we ,
Sm/ an new e new Brawn slam dawn we new er M new cargo
owns my
Duster es requested
Regards, new
A n' mmu: nun
Fourms_ Walkies
Dale no men
subect: Re Re Re Re Myer
comee: we er may an sewn
From new Thom:
one no
Tu Shannon wanna
Dale 172% T
serene . e Re Re Re Re Myer
new koennen,
e new wen we my s by n we negitve -
Mamas, new
From; Shannan whinney
Re Re Re Re Re Myer
Thatsnot neon can yne en t please? n extreme' .
everyeone _ tears _ tusoy Can
yne Dewayne Main newer naeess ene ene en t n canner
naeess Thanks
subect Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Myer
men - wen seananers yer e new veers new, namm have
assumed yne understand, wesite - , we
en not wanna!“ new annals“
You new ye seen text messages, nee Min ene new wt we
window n NT ) lleg to new yne : nna
we er Macy make her way hum:
mess er n e dram es taos) M
new Myer nieve e wen we hymns! washes! yer
n have amended ene new es on veer
Regards, new
From %
Aster/ doo/ duel)
semen Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Myer
photo at My ene we manna may
lust want Mossy Ost
Dale % T
sameul Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Myer
semen Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Myer
yew me yne en the {inter er out? My want e Dunn amine were last
manier ene ween ene where sne was last ene her
ewe my we e mow: Duster er swam nieve ye have em
hour new meme
Dale r. ll
To, Shannan wands
subect Aaww
nanny have e my name: agreed ye new war e mend‘: my yer e week w
Mar t my at my apartment ene yne concept er my
mar, my n e meme box n meshed ene mam about
t n n wanted ye teed someing ene ween Incas, Sweeney have on my
mother n that name em A week later, when my ween cam:
ye canned M my, n was oat name we new ye
mm n fanned ye on enough sceans en the package ene he nee
ye canned t vast new ene my nanny: He sin“ new en
shouting! seemes, mane new ye nun! ye let en
nieve versoin weer may es per/ our/ ls
mews new
CONTACT 0433 359 105
Tu new Thom:
Sumerz: Re Aaww
new my my my nineteen yne -
e Wynn en my my
subect Re Re Aaww
n new animal ene s cute As Maw met any ene er
ends, t s new get e treater my aut news n
anybody cans ene seys" l nevery seen your Wee my on my ene e
mew ene won: ene new ts mm‘! legs me ever by e me anyone want tr
yne me new dawn: ene nun
nknow - who nee e Basset nee ts mm‘) legs rammed
ene en enemy ene t Main new around wen ene naeess we
Kenyans: new _ Mum new Tyw_
legs ye be _ ene remand wen _ ene nee e remmi camren
would charge yes or mes ene enter t n
mes e " work
Regards, new
hour - Walley
Dale 12 T/ pm
Re Re Aaww
usury: Mum n neverbe
one Monday 21
Sume: 1: R: Re Re Re Aaww
on In mm! or JUNE
CONTACT 0433 359 105
one 12
R: Re Re Re Re Aaww
reward uneven yne
even tor? Appart tr. Tthat t s perfect me yne naeess
reward no mews Shun
From; new meme
one Monday 21
re. - Wiley
Sumerz. Re Re Re Re Re Re Aaww
on Ill! Mm, or was
CONTACT 0433 359 705
one 12 Siam
re Shannon wanna
subect: Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Aaww
Tu new Thom:
Samey: 1: R: Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Aaww
we my wen have to en
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#1 - slowbrowen (04/28/2012) [-]
<@ MS Paint. Yeah Sorry some stuff got cut off, MS Paint is a bitch.
<@ MS Paint. Yeah Sorry some stuff got cut off, MS Paint is a bitch.
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