9gag. www.change.org/petitions/entire-internet-take-down-the-website-9gag-for-mocking-a-girl-with-down-syndrome you best be voting .. Entire Internet: Take down the game
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Entire Internet: Take down the website
for mocking a girl with down synd rome.
PETITION 14. . , 000
N: [ ISE:[ adam Petitioning
Entire Internet
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Name beneden
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Email ineveraskedforthis@ Graham Corp
Address Serif industries
City Detroit
Outside us.
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Zipcode 28401
l As scaring person on the internet, I was shocked to find that people over at were mocking a girl who
has down syndrome.
The website of claims to be the "creator of memes", and most images can be traced back to this
horrible website.
Please, poor girl get hotdiggity back.
Enough of
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ALL THE !: stop the petition to take
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ddit Adam Petitio mug
Name Jensen
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Email Ine'. @ gmail. coi henry We
Dallas. it
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Zip Code 23101 I f I I
they are trying to take down an entire site for just one post! WE MUST SAVE !.
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