Skyrim. I thought this was legit at first, rest of the article here: christian troll
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What is meme
If you are a responsible parent, then the world of MMORPG first person shooters
shouldbe something of a foreign language to you. In games like i, players are Tl/ son Bowers
deported to hr headlands that are cream filled with demonic spell crafting, violent Hy
shirtless bllod shed and exposed not only Satanic critters, but bombarded with gay
undertones of fecal fornication.
In the land of Skyrim, the player starts off as a captured terrorist; who has been caught
plotting to destroy the golden empire housing dragons Before the player gets to take
control of his avatar, they are asked to create a character, which is purely the liberal' s
awn teaching out kids that modifying and gender changing ones self's hm and
normal. Chute the player has decided if they want to be a female wood fairy or an black
ogre from Stormwind, they get to take control of their hell spawned fictitious demon.
itrite " p Mth
Right off the hat, the gay supporting software company Blizzard, shows the player images of decapitations and
after the third of forth head chopping, a necrovatis dragon appears and sets the player free from righteous
punishment. New that the player is free, they will spend the next hours ebbing people, killing villagers,
crafting sexual items, fornicate with elves and other Harry Potter style animals and also to conjure
up black magic.
Throughout the game, the player is exposed to full frontal violence and replay style death killing finish moves.
The graphics of this game are way too realistic for the type of blood shed they ejaculate all over the player' s
CPU monitor.
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an black ogre
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