Friendzone hell?. Here's my attempt to use my old age to help the younger FJ users. I'm old enough to have seen some things, but not so old that I'm completely  Friendzone hell? Here's my attempt to use old age help the younger FJ users I'm enough have seen some things but not so that completely
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Friendzone hell?

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Friendzone hell?. Here's my attempt to use my old age to help the younger FJ users. I'm old enough to have seen some things, but not so old that I'm completely

Here's my attempt to use my old age to help the younger FJ users. I'm old enough to have seen some things, but not so old that I'm completely out of touch with the younger generations.

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an E\ Link.
mm. I wander. Haw aan I help these
past, pathatic, lave Edolas?
I' m an alder m user, as ever)/ ans
flan plainly aae by my salt ans pepper
Maybe I aan these guys ans
nat gat thumb's dawn Inta .
six BM!
I gat It: I' ll use my years
as Issa ans create
a as thinga
I' learned ta be
truths when saaying wath
I. Looks. Looks aae way Impaitent. And I' actually saans that
there Ia a when It aaman ta lacks. It' s
nathing fancy, Ira actually quake . on a haho lacks scale,
tans ta date I paint. am a Tsal who Ia an a, wxll
date guys In tha 7 ta 9 range. Io haing aut as haa
league ans < e haing below haa standards. Is you try ta argue
that lacks aren' t Impaitent, let ma aay thia. Is you To fishing,
you need an lure ta even gat tha attantion as, nu less
catch, a fish. Lacks mattah, even far ealy a hagas pallas. ,
assk youa self , Ia aha aut as youa league? Is youve In
tha sagans Sana, probably yes.
2. Clothes. It may seem away, hut ahaah aae tha shaat thing
wxll natcha about yau. That, ans whether at nat It
matches your belt. Are you weared! y sneakers? Yes? Game aver.
Do you wear at collared ? Game aver.
yau can' t dress In your Madera Warfare 3 ,
hale); ans ripped up blue jeans, ans your gym sneakers saem
three years agn ans expect good results.
yau dress well, ans wxll thanet well as yau. yau dress
like ahit, ans wxll thanet ahit as yau. I gat a
last weater because aha liked my dressy P cast. youa Steelers
Starter jacket Isn' t gaing ta gat you jack.
3. . Are you funny? Are as gas samoas sunny that
people can' t tstop Guess what. Game aver. Ynu' re has
sunny. Is youve always jmklig, sanat thanet you aan ever
take a . Are you shy? Yea? Game aver.
Graw same balls ans m talk ta even Is youve bashful
ans as you m It. ‘(nu have a as ahahaa wath any
Is you - aahahahah fantast wath them. Same wxll
find It that youve shy, hut gaing as your
aani ans daying. It tells them youve a risk taker ans
ta m thinga aut as tha . Haw m I
myself? Mast as tha tima, I just walk up, give a , ans aay
van I' m . What' s your name? I sanat kaou what I' d talk ta
you abaut, hut you caught my eye ans I just has ta aay hey."
q. Wealth. Do you live at hams, live ass mum' s snaking, ans rely
an dad fur ta ans saem places? Ynu' re In a taugh spat man.
Living at hams ' t really a deal breaker, unless youve
ans nat In college. , It dues screw you aut as a noaa
secluded place ta spend tima wath your . The
deal breaker Ia a lack as . Is you can' t
pick your up far a saw, lead up that kaulaan, that' s all
tha hatian y: ' ll be gatting. Is youve brake, gat a motorcycle,
yau aan gat a Kawasaki Ninja no fur . Plus bikes aae sexy.
Is youve nat old anough ta drave, stap abasing thia Trade ans
m back ta your aahm ans play wath Iagba. Ynu' re a scanting .
Finding that missing fur your legs gun ahanes be your
nat gatting a as aae.
Axrl. I haw read youa Trade thaa far, yat I
fuck up ans can' t gat a Human‘. what
else saem youa vast aan you share?
R You
I aae. well, )/mung . There Ia
muah maah I aan share. Please, ease your
mind far a moment. sat a drink. want
aarons far a brt. Take a breathe. Once you
have, I wxll ta saw maah tarth
bums an yau.
Do you haw a I. a. a muahahha that lacks like pahaa
an youa face? Shave that ahit ass. Is you can' t Trow a full
muahahha at gratia at whatever, dnn' t bother.
Do you haw Ia It gamings Yes? Dnn' t tell her. at
nat at shaat. Have a maah hobby like, playing an
Instalment, rack , ault base jumping. Just nat
gaming as tha shaat thing you tell her. , an Instalment
Ia paarty muah a way ta gat . on tap as
padawan far aomething, whach relate ta , It
alas Shana: , Is you aan play well, alas, aomething
relate ta . I dnn' t gat It. Whatever.
Do you brush ans bathe regularly? yau need ta. Na mattah what you
may thanet, smell Ia probably tha mast Impaitent thing ans
tha ana thing that wxll cock black you Is a Ia actually
Interested. yau ever been aarons damiana wath has breathe at
body odor? nat pleasant, dnn' t be that paegan. My , keep
gum handy at all tunes. It ensures fresh breathe ans aan even be
an Iaa breaker Is a sees you wasp a aut. Is aha asks
far a , she' s probably Interested ans wants ta manta sure haa
breathe Ia ox far tainting ta yau. Fur body smell, m nat use
brute cologne. Sweet baby manta)! Jesus youve dumb Is you do. Na
lasagna Ia ever . Dnn' t use that Axe body spray ahit
arthas. ‘[cu' ll knack ever)/ ans aut wath youa extremely adgang
smell. My , ms Spice Swagger body wash ans .
Gaan an youa clothes. That' s It. It Always.
Axrl. I was ever)/ thing, I thanet I sari: as
ttow. But I can' t fit It all
Do you haw an example as how I
aan be a taur lady' s man?
Yes. Watch thia Show called
How I Met youa Mather." Is
you already m, you
thia mama ans kaou who It Ia.
Neal Patrick , a Sad that walks among us, plays a
character namas Barney . The character Ia a
11st, , ans ) . weman lave ta hate these kind as
man. A Sick part as wants ta date thia typa as guy. ans
changa him Inta a good hassanane. Silance, why all tha ahahahaa
gat tha . The as tha world aae ,
ans create a Iat as drama far . And Is there' s
ana thing I know, lave drama. Lack at away "realley" TV
Show aut there. weman eat that ahit up. weman waat thana
ta be like what thay aae an TV. weman can' t aay ta thana samansa
aver Iaa cream Is thana hassanane Ia passant, noaa ans .
It takes an aahhaha ta manta a aay ta haa samansa, hut yaya
haa back wath a noaa saw, an aha aan wath haa samansa
that even thaugh aha ahanes leave, aha abaya cu: aha Laves yau.
That' s all I aan thanet as ta
share aight wath all you
maah. Is you haw a
q' , message ma at leave
a adamant.
And I walk: ta aae Is thia
Aang aae past even gata maah
gaian thumba than red.
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#6 - traebae
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(04/27/2012) [-]
User avatar #2 - chillirainbow
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(04/27/2012) [-]
Sir, you have restored my faith, thank you.
User avatar #3 to #2 - sygile [OP]
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(04/27/2012) [-]
Your respect has restored my faith in people. Thank YOU.
User avatar #4 - AliceZ
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(04/27/2012) [-]
I have a question FJ. Does it count as friendzoning if you already have a boyfriend?
Guy in my class didn't know I had a boyfriend cause he lives in my home town, the guy asked me out, and I told him we could still be friends.
Am I still a friendzoning bitch?
User avatar #5 to #4 - sygile [OP]
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(04/27/2012) [-]
Nope, being faithful does not make you a friendzoner. Like the FJer who used a Pie analogy. You can't have a slice of pie if a guy is already eating it.