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How to Make Rock Candy

I 901 TITT. and 5. . ill Illa“! INS
article III] III]!!! II] make . {Mill candy. I think
I dill it great Hill.
How to Make Rock Candy Using mil C)
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Ever had that thought of "You know I could go for rock candy right now,
but all I have is Jello’ Well your problems are over- On
instead of going out like a civilized functioning part of society, we can
dwell within the caves of our home and make kiddelicious treaty
Great example orlock
Steps ()
i' Now you are obviously going to need:
3 candy
ii/ dig, Jello
vs or
t'... tsst, -More Jello
A stick to put the candy on
lir) ijt. A badger
i.?. i., y., Now that we have the basics down, please take the ingredients and place them to the
s'' itle' side. We won' t be needing any ofthem
ft), Next, get all the friends you think you have, go to the store, buy rock candy, suck on it,
s"‘ av' and allow it to dissolve in your mouth.
http:/ ? ? tta a tulttv
Tips shtill'
Don' t eat the rock candy
Suck on it
Don' t sit on it
Don' t let it drive, they are known to be horrible drivers
Don' t let it watch your kids, it will get bored and leave
Never bring itto a store it will steal everything
Warnings ..
Rock candy has been known to eat children
Rock candy can and will kill you fogiven a knife
It can comprehend human language
Sources and Citations
Everyone knows this stuff
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mill in I' ll} yeah Gif) [Ell like ?
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