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4chan trolls mormon chat

Me: I can wait
We apologize for the delay.
You may continue to hold or email us at missionaries@ . org
You will be connected to the next available missionary.
Me: , well I have 2 questions to ask, my first is how can I convert from being an Atheist, to being a mormon?
Me: And wwill ask the second question once we are conversing
Agent es socal is ready to assist you.
Agent [Brittany] subjoined the chat.
Brittany: Hellion.
Jessica: Hello.
Brittany: How are you?
Me: Hello
Me: , heres my question
Me: Stormcloaks, or Imperial?
Me: Its a question really hard for me, up to that part and I really don' t know which to choose
Jessica: I' m sorry I dent think we can help you with that.
Me: Why not‘?
Me:. I mean, the imperials try to kill you at first, but the stormcloaks seem like really cool guys
Me: And surely I can forgive the imperials for what they have done
Jessica: Well hope you have a good day!
Me: his wait
Me: Should I forgive the pedals for trying to kill me at the start?
Me: But then that dragon came along and killed them ms
Me: Right when I had my head on that block
Me: And that guy was about to cut my head mt
Agent [Brittany] has left the chat.
The chat session has ended.
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