FJ IS HERE TO STAY (but not for me). FJ IS HERE TO STAY (but not for me...)<br /> Pity that this is what it comes to, hey. Ahh well.<br /> www.alexa
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FJ IS HERE TO STAY (but not for me)

FJ IS HERE TO STAY (but not for me...)<br />
Pity that this is what it comes to, hey. Ahh well.<br /><br />
edit: so, turns out it's not illegal, because he's technically presenting correct data, just bollocksing us with the interpretation.

OK, so has anyone noticed that admin is full of it. There is no drop in visits.
Basically, he/ she has it figured out that the more rubbish he feeds people, the more hits
this site gets, and the more money rolls in for doing pretty much nothing.
Take a look at the graph that admin cites to ttp:// / funnyjunkcom
quite simply not the same, DO Forrest me if I' m wrong, but I think that' s a criminal
offense to misquote information?
Anyway, anyone who pays "to keep the site alive" is a fool, . of global internet
users is a LOT of people, and is higher than other funny picture sites like lolcats
and pyzam (. 0286)
Search Analytics Audience Reviews Related Links Coolstream
pretty much constant
Deity Reach (percent) Percent of global Internet users who
funijunk. cdm visit funnyjunkcom:
Ream Change
erday 1046 -
10438 .%
Fag enema
Dally Pa reviews (percent) 3: ::,:.., ,5“ we I an will Percent of global on
rtk, starrt : com'
Tarries chortle
Yesterday 100422 +‘ H' Hi'-
T day El -tatt,.
sumo n_ neos _
2009 201 '
Admin' s interpretation of the results.
Anyway, I' m off to somewhere where the admin actually make finny stuff,
rather than eon other people into doing it for them, See you at EBB;
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User avatar #2 - winslet (04/15/2010) [-]
ive been thinking this exact same thing
User avatar #6 - Billnighscienceguy (04/15/2010) [-]
i knew it
User avatar #1 - PrivateRamirez (04/15/2010) [+] (2 replies)
I don't get it, traffic went down a lot in both graphs...
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