This seems like a good idea. I'd wear it. <br /> Taking advantage..Thumb Whore Time PLease help me get this to the front page so maybe admin will think it
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#3 - fourchanwin (04/15/2010) [-]
ugliest most unattractive shirt ever
User avatar #2 - nakidboy (04/15/2010) [-]
it would be more attractive if had a black background! BTW pretty cleaver idea!
User avatar #6 - sethbean ONLINE (04/15/2010) [-]
I'm thinking that there should be a way for us to donate that would raise our rank, and then there should be rewards for ranking up, like different colors of text to use, sorta like the multiplayer leveling on CODMW2, except no guns...
#5 - minislacker (04/15/2010) [-]
very good idea. im diggin the colors
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