Kakarot vs Naruto. This is epic. Mauro IS Colr) rua ART. ras,. fair point, but at least rasengan doesn't take half a season to charge...
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I personally like the Dragon bal series over Naruto, but from a general perspective, you really shouldn't judge an anime by how strong it's main character is, or how much the main character develops (power wise). For example, I personally think FMA (Full Metal Alchemist) is the best anime ever, things to know is that the main character's "power level" stays practically the same throughout the entire series and focuses more on the developement on the characters themselves,showing how they change and think, It also has a very unique story line that is always leaving the viewer guessing as to what comes next, leaving them a lot of room for imagining how it plays out while still leaving them completely shocked when whatever twist occurs. Another plus is that there are no fillers in FMA at least I don't think, I believe they seperated the fillers into OVA's. At the very least this is why I like FMA more than Dragonball and Naruto and so on, because it's more than just, "meet new enemy and get stronger, meet new enemy and get stronger," and continuing on like this for the whole series. Now I know that anime's like Dragonball Z, Naruto, Bleach, that do these also have a base story line and is not just fighting, but let's face it, if you took out the fights the anime would be nothing. I find that FMA has found found the perfect medium for all the elements I look for in an anime, action, drama, comedy, and so on. But this is just my opinion, i'm sure everyone has their reason for liking their anime more than others and who am I to tell you different? I just fell like sharing my reasons. Thanks for taking your time to read this +1 reading skill for you.
-peace off
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fair point, but at least rasengan doesn't take half a season to charge...
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Finally get to use this
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You forget about someones Planetary Devastation.
#183 to #173 - rambowookie (04/16/2012) [-]
Who also forgot about someone's Supernova...
#1 - anonymous (04/16/2012) [+] (22 replies)
dont ever ******* talk **** about naruto you ******* retard. i swear to god i'll ******* kill you
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I thought you already had it...
I thought you already had it...
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< Sorry Goku, your son's the strongest being (unfused and by the end of the original series).
Though I love DBZ, and Goku does beat Naruto fair and square, I like Naruto more for the plot (cause DBZ didn't really have one, just a lot of mindless fighting...not implying that's a bad thing) and for character development. But that's my opinion.
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everyone always forgets about these guys
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ONE PIECE IS BETTER, Naruto is filled with FUKIN filler episodes and damn flashbacks!!
User avatar #122 to #118 - frozo (04/16/2012) [-]
I like both.

Don't see why I should hate either of them. They're both good.

(Never watched the anime, but read the manga)
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Goku is the pinnacle of anime strength

Remind me if he is a ******* god
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i think they are pretty even i know it's a cartoon/anime but dbz is kind of overpowered i mean somehow every new enemy is like 20 episodes of training and yelling away from getting beat once they get to them.
naruto has way too many fillers but i like how they can get their asses kicked and even kill off partially main characters and not bring them back. all in all they are pretty even since the later episodes of dbz kinda sucked and naruto pumps out as much fillers as they can fit.
#96 to #91 - sazzyquinn (04/16/2012) [-]
Think about this:

Naruto doesn't take 20 episodes of training, thus the story progresses a lot faster as something is actually happening more often. That means the manga writer has to write a lot more in the same timeframe. Once they catch up they start pumping out a few fillers to let the manga get ahead again.

Anyway, I do prefer fillers over 20 episodes of training any day. I'm not saying dbz isn't awesome, but I do prefer watching Naruto. Hey, at least the fillers aren't half bad since shippuuden started. The original series had some seriously bad fillers though :-/ Lately it kinda feels like the fillers fit the original story a bit better too. I remember watching episodes about making curry in the original series. Completely random and not very fun to watch ^^

All in all you're right though. just adding my two cents on fillers. :)
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Also, when you watch Naruto, your spelling abilities go down the ******* .
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My impression of everything below me.   
Psh yea right you should watch 我喜欢有趣的中国声音 because he's 你不希望我的宝宝 and the other guy can't 你不想我哦
My impression of everything below me.

Psh yea right you should watch 我喜欢有趣的中国声音 because he's 你不希望我的宝宝 and the other guy can't 你不想我哦
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#77 - kingmaster (04/16/2012) [+] (3 replies)
best animes One Piece and Fairy tale!
I like Naruto more than Dragonball because after the freezer saga it just got ridiculous.
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