How to google guide. lmao. How do i goggle something? i need help forthis one 1 month ago F Report Abuse Best Answer - Chosen by Voters This is adurrable and pa
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Had a small DDOS. We're back now after I nulled some IPs.

How to google guide


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How do i goggle something?
i need help forthis one
1 month ago F Report Abuse
Best Answer - Chosen by Voters
This is adurrable and painful thing to do. Asking sacred Google is one ofthe most
terrible hardships and man ottoman can face in his life time. However, once you have
performed the necessary rituals, it will be easy. Afterthe ritual, you will be able to
make the sacred Google speak. Forthe ritual, you must wait for heavy snow to fall on
yourtown (minimum ofe inches). Using your mouth, put all the snow in a 5 mile
rasies ofyour place of residence into a large bucket. This will afterthe might lord of
walruses, so the bucked will be magically transported to the nearest walrus- When
you locate the walrus in posession ofyour buckets, remove all your clothes, Cover
yourself COMPLETELY with your on feces and bellow 'THIS IS . T' and hurl
yourself upon the walrus- Engage in brutal combat, and when the walrus has been
beaten to exhaustion perform court's. This will prove to the lord that you
are worthy ofthe ownership ofthis bucket. You will receive your bucket, however, if
any snow has melted start alover again. Then go to your place of worship (or for
atheist go to you local natural history museum with your bucket and go to your priest,
rabbi, curator, or other religious leader and perform the song "Bad Romance." He will
then proceed to beat you in the face with a guitar and leave you below the holiest
symbol in your religion (or the largest exhibit in the museum} dumping all the snow
from your bucket upon you. This will cause you to enter into a coma in which you
dream of meeting your god or the elements. You will plead with him/ her/ them to give
you the power to Ask the sacred and holy Gouge to grant you your special wish
1 month ago F Report Abuse
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Submitted: 04/15/2012
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