Open FJ in an epic way - Laptop -updated. <br /> Hope This works for you, if PC go here - /funny_pictures/355501/How+to+open+FunnyJunk+in+an+epic+way/< funny Junk open url fuck yea Laptop
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Open FJ in an epic way - Laptop -updated

junk '-'junk
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How to open Junk in a epic way
First go to - imp // net/ software/ controlpad and download it (link below)
Install t then go to Junk and create a shortcut somewhere
will in he l) \‘ i‘ Se like on you desktop Cl in my ‘ merits like mel
Now start the programme if its not already
Right click the logo on the taskbar. it should look like this - ll
Open ( We I
Launch Key
WEE Laurie: lil at
then check the
Then Hit Save
Next - Hold the Fla key up the top -
This should come up T
Click it and type in fl
no spaces just an tthen j
T l should now look like this
Now the Flo key up the top of the
Click the _ _ and locate your previous saved shortcut to bunnyjunk com
you should get the
in 5%’ TE? Now Enter
Co m p lete
This can be used for anything
can he used
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If you belong to the 180, go fall of a cliff
You can use this to open nearly anything
Made the tor hope l works _
unit YEA.
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