the darndest things said. found on /b/, no source, move along. Fundies Say the Darndest Things! ‘ C} seff) pr changes depending upon the strength or the gravest
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the darndest things said

found on /b/, no source, move along

Fundies Say the
Darndest Things! ‘ C} seff)
pr changes depending upon the strength or
the gravestone) fre) d revolved
Free Republi FFCCFF
Ne heard atheists say that the we vsn‘ Hree? Tiy
tthat' s true then the truth ts wrong, PERIOD FFA ‘
Answer the we ant wrong dam FF .
know about Nowing m the F a
we has ever been disproved and As all the p
truth and neway rm gong to Ne my we
yam Answers
Freedom of speech rs good, except when ms
used to promote retarded Mara! deals and
atheism and satanism and that goes
against Chaste Al those should be mega and
punchable by death
My Dreams or s, Vanda Answers
There rs not a stow passage or concept tn the
to any human on
the mama
Gary In , The Star
u have sex before manage then tn Gods
eyes u are married to that person n a man
rapes a woman TI Gods eyes they are marred
t sucks far the gm but what can we do rot
sods Sumter, Myspace
man sum t all up tn three words rs a
Earth Buttons ! Hal vow on by a
couple powers or ten! rm really 6, 000 years
on we or take a century!
Secular 6, 000? l No WAHH,
Earth Yes, way! so much fur ,
Wake up Ameica! When you put that
muslam not n the whte house we rs all we
WW ever hear You people are
dew n and he will take over Once a musha
always a muslam women get ready for your
vans and t nope an the men we weaing
surpris and ropes Nuance rs gum; to hell tn
a hand basket Dont fet mama n the mute
bamaman, torn
DELTA Rage...
no everyone rs porn Cheston my tater n
we do people mouse to stray from Jesus and
worsnop satan Instead Atheists have the
greatest "cover" or all, they mist they believe
n no god yet misspells done and the rarest
research redresses that they are actually a
different sect of Muslims
Timmad and Tobago, CARM
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Submitted: 04/12/2012
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User avatar #1 - sirhaddock (04/12/2012) [-]
In 3 words... Evolution is a lie... There are so many things wrong with that sentence

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