Why I love Louie. Found on stumbleupon. Mahiro mun: 31 We have White People Problems, in America That' s what we have white People Problems You know what that ( Louie
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Why I love Louie

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Mahiro mun: 31
We have White People Problems, in America That' s what we have
white People Problems You know what that (s? mars where
youre liters amazing. so you Just make shlt up to be upset about
People in other countries have new problems. Like .7 "Cm, shit.
They' re I; ( on all out heads, today)" Thangs We that.
Here. we make setup to be upset about Like e "How come
I have to choose on the ATM machine? ts bullshit.
I ' thave to . t' m American.
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11111111 Fty tr 1. 11. 11 cm the 111, 111. 11. '
at 1. 11 11, 111. 11 mu 111. 111. 1111 1..., beacuse
phone .1111 they .1 lor. on 11 111111 1: awe IT
A It' s 5. 1111, 111 ma CHI you 511111 r
second to get 1111 11111 1. 1. 1. 1
Is the speed of light
That’: an " while attitude don? an
think? I mean nu could can I while V 3 1
To those who might wish ta "torrent" this video: look, ' get
the whole "turrent" tmns Ibone know enough melter way But
l' disslike you Io 1 made the vedeo extremely easy Io use
advice laas tok) that 11 would be easier to 11: me
chasero bolt's way anyway, because 1 want 111: 1 be
easy ior watch and copythis 1/ 1: 150 any way they want ammout
Please , learn mata Campana or a I' m 1115! some
guy Products" and poseing vedeo wth my own money. 1
De post more gameri, way when
makes ' forthe buyer and move me 5111171511159 help me
may the; bang a good ma I cant stop you trom ; an I can do ts
pottery ask you to pay dollars, video
same way
Lows C k
I' m bored" a useless say. You live in a great, big, vast
world thatyou' seen none percent of. 1
And even the e or your, It goes
inwardly. U' Aig.' understand?
some the Inst _ . ryi',
to be bored.
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show 111111 am I
111 to my V
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dwlw' scrol/ rre
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11111111 1111 111111111111
Irgins CK
A man will, steal your new or burn your house dawn or Deanne
srat out of you, but a woman me.
Do you see the ? Like, a man will cutyourbut on and
a men but new have you, as a human bseg. notace
He word' laur. k with who you are.
So w we mania; God? He watches us and men
mte probaably masturbates.
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